Deepak Chopra Previews His AI Twin Resulting from Collaboration among Well-being, AI, and Technology Leaders

Twin Protocol,, and Dectec Partnership Leads to Digital Twin Wellness Solution Announced at Cannes Creative Festival 2024

Celebrating innovation at Cannes Creative Festival 2024: (pictured from left to right) Bill Inman, CEO of Dectec; Stacey Engle, CEO of Twin Protocol; Deepak Chopra, MD; and Poonacha Machaiah, Co-founder of, announce the groundbreaking Deepak Chopra AI Twin, a collaboration at the intersection of well-being, AI, and technology. (Photo: Business Wire)

CANNES, France--()--Twin Protocol, a pioneer in the development of ethically engineered, personalized generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology to foster a culture of continuous knowledge sharing, announces a partnership with wellness and tech leaders,, and Dectec. The three companies are developing cutting-edge solutions that will democratize well-being and guide people around the world on the path of improved health and mindfulness. At the Cannes Creative Festival this week, Dr. Deepak Chopra unveils the first step in this revolutionary approach to sharing well-being knowledge across the globe – his Digital Deepak AI Twin.

World-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation, Dr. Deepak Chopra previews his digital twin to further his efforts to make chronic disease optional. Digital Deepak is a groundbreaking initiative to integrate advanced technology to more effectively, securely, and personally communicate his timeless wisdom, and guide people along the path of well-being and personal growth.

Interact with Dr. Chopra’s AI Twin here: Digital Deepak. Visitors can ask him questions from a subset of his published books and will even be treated to a sneak peek of his new “Digital Dharma” book, which focuses on the core role of AI in helping individuals achieve well-being and is scheduled for publication in December. Over the coming months, Dr. Chopra’s life’s work will be made available through his digital AI twin.

The partnership between Twin Protocol,, and Dectec is breaking new ground in the wellness industry., an AI platform for personal health and well-being, optimizes lives for peak living at home, work, play, or on the road. The platform uses advanced diagnostics and predictive analytics to provide personalized well-being program recommendations. Dectec is creating the ecosystem and digital wallet that will enable users to make purchases within the ecosystem. Twin Protocol provides the decentralized digital AI twin technology for all healthcare gurus and users, the industry’s most secure, ultra-relatable means of sharing knowledge.

Dr. Chopra’s AI Twin, born out of extensive research and development by Twin Protocol, embodies his vision for guiding individuals on a journey pursuing optimal health and vitality. His AI Twin is poised to revolutionize the future of well-being by offering a holistic approach to wellness that integrates the latest security advancements in AI and blockchain technology. Future updates to the AI Twin will add new communication capabilities and modalities.

Dr. Deepak Chopra shared his perspective on the transformative potential of the AI Twin, stating, “With digital twins and AI technology, it is becoming possible to guide more and more people around the globe on a journey of ever-improving well-being and mindfulness. Over the coming weeks and months, I will share deeper insight through my twin, safely and securely empowering individuals to leverage my assistant as a confidant, health coach, and spiritual guide.”

“The launch of Dr. Deepak Chopra’s AI Twin demonstrates the exceptional vision and capabilities of the, Dectec, and Twin Protocol team. This is a significant milestone in our journey towards empowering individuals to live their best, most healthy lives,” said Stacey Engle, CEO of Twin Protocol. “By combining cutting-edge technology with his profound wisdom, we are pioneering a new paradigm of well-being that is accessible, personalized, and transformative.”

A unique panel will take place this week at Cannes, exploring the transformative potential of AI and digital twins in enhancing individual well-being.

June 20, 2024
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Annex Beach Cannes
Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes - France


  • Deepak Chopra – MD
  • Poonacha Machaiah – Co-founder,
  • Stacey Engle – CEO, Twin Protocol
  • Bill Inman – CEO, Dectec

AI is reinventing aspects of our world in fundamental ways, including enabling us to create a future where people around the globe can instantly harness the well-being knowledge and insights of global thought leaders such as Dr. Chopra,” said Poonacha Machaiah, co-founder of “Through partnerships with world-leading tech innovators like Twin Protocol and Dectec, we are democratizing well-being and helping people live their best lives.”

When it comes to wellness and health-related information and transactions, its essential that our data is absolutely secure,” said Bill Inman, CEO, Dectec. “With our Web3 platform and collaboration with world-class partners, we’re creating a secure ecosystem that protects users and empowers them to securely manage and improve all aspects of their well-being.”

For more information about Twin Protocol, please visit Twin Protocol.

About is a pioneering advance in personal health and well-being. It is designed as an AI platform to help individuals optimize their lives for peak living across various environments—at home, work, play, or on the road. Leveraging a combination of advanced diagnostics and predictive analytics, the platform offers personalized well-being program recommendations.

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Dectec is a pioneering Web3 platform that connects traditional enterprises with advanced AI and blockchain technologies. Specializing in loyalty and rewards programs, Dectec empowers businesses to expand their reach and deepen customer engagement through innovative solutions like user-friendly mobile apps, metaverse experiences, and robotics. The company’s strategy focuses on tapping into new markets with a sophisticated, user-centric wallet system, ensuring clients stay at the forefront of industry innovation for sustained success.

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The mission of Twin Protocol’s global venture is to empower individuals and organizations to create secure, dynamic digital versions of themselves to share knowledge, create legacies, and foster continuous learning. Through an advanced AI and blockchain ecosystem, Twin Protocol is revolutionizing the way knowledge and expertise are preserved, shared, and utilized. Twin Protocol, along with strategic partners including SingularityNET, is committed to helping users shape a future where knowledge is an enduring and shared asset. Learn more at Twin Protocol.


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