FinLocker’s Financial Fitness Services Now Offered to EasyKnock Customers

– Partnership Forged to Further Support Customers’ Financial Goals –

NEW YORK--()--EasyKnock, the first home equity solutions platform, is now making FinLocker available to new and existing customers free of charge, effective immediately. With a focus on helping consumers meet homeownership goals, FinLocker supports the improvement of credit scores, building savings for down payments, and achieving mortgage qualification.

EasyKnock, with its customer-centric approach, gives homeowners a way to convert the trapped equity in their homes into cash and remain in their homes as renters. EasyKnock customers also retain the option to repurchase their homes or direct a second sale for additional cash in the future.

Through the FinLocker app, the personalized suite of tools available to EasyKnock customers includes:

  • Personalized budgeting through existing banking accounts
  • Financial goal-setting with a clear roadmap to achieve those goals
  • Credit tracking
  • Guidance to overcome financial challenges and achieve mortgage readiness
  • Insights into the home purchasing process, whether it's to repurchase the customers’ home from EasyKnock, or buy a new home down the line.

FinLocker also sends consumers push notifications, notifying them of credit score changes, credit alerts, and property value updates, and to celebrate readiness streak achievements which have resulted in an over 50% return rate to increase engagement with the app.

Said Jarred Kessler, CEO and Co-Founder of EasyKnock, “Our customers are not a monolith - they come to us with a wide range of financial goals. Our aim is, and has always been, to support them wherever they are on their journey; it is a true competitive advantage for us. As a powerful, data-driven tool for people looking to improve their financial resiliency, FinLocker is an ideal complement to the EasyKnock offering.”

“This is an extremely challenging time for Americans who either own or want to own a home,” added Brian Vieaux, president and chief operating officer, FinLocker. “Our comprehensive, intuitive platform is an answer to that challenge. EasyKnock goes above and beyond to support their customers, and it is immensely gratifying to provide a service that supports financial health.”

The availability of FinLocker through EasyKnock comes on the heels of the company’s announced partnership with Piñata, the nation's most popular reward and credit building platform for renters. In its first few months in-market, EasyKnock tenants using Piñata have seen their credit scores improve by an average of 57 points.* Among other benefits, EasyKnock automatically reports Piñata users’ on-time rent payments to the bureaus (late rent payments are not reported), enabling them to build credit each month with TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

Through partnerships like FinLocker and its other strategic imperatives, EasyKnock continues to make gains in its attack against trapped home equity for millions of Americans. According to the recent findings of Duke professor Marvin Chang, “1 in 9 U.S. homeowners face barriers in accessing their own home equity…homes have become barriers instead of springboards to financial wellness.”

*EasyKnock customers who signed up for Piñata saw a credit score improvement of 57 points. This data was measured by Piñata from November 2023 to March 2024.

About EasyKnock

EasyKnock is the first-to-market, home equity solutions platform company in the U.S. In 2023, EasyKnock announced the development of its platform, an extensive suite of products and services that will provide consumers alternative ways to buy and sell, finance new homes, and utilize their equity. Headquartered in New York City and founded in 2016, EasyKnock helps U.S. homeowners unlock their financial freedom through non-loan programs. For more information about EasyKnock, please visit

About FinLocker

FinLocker, the developer of the leading financial readiness app with an emphasis on attaining and sustaining homeownership, empowers consumers to manage their financial lives with ease and confidence. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources, including financial account management, budgeting, credit score monitoring, mortgage education, real estate search, and guidance to achieve mortgage readiness. By providing consumers with actionable insights and personalized recommendations, FinLocker helps individuals navigate the complexities of the home buying process and achieve their financial goals. For more information, please visit