Introducing Glue: Work Chat for the AI Era

Glue product screenshot (Graphic: Business Wire)

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Glue today launched the first AI-native work chat platform. Glue takes the best of both worlds from AI chat platforms like ChatGPT and human chat platforms like Slack. The result is a new tool built for the way people want to collaborate today with both their colleagues and their AI assistants.

“Every time there’s a major paradigm shift, a new communication tool emerges. In the era of AI, Glue is that tool,” said co-founder David Sacks.

AI Has Entered the Chat

ChatGPT has proven that AI works best in a threaded chat format, but it’s single-player and separate from the rest of your work, making it difficult to collaborate as a team. Glue allows users to start a chat with AI and then invite coworkers to it, or add AI to an existing team chat. The AI functions like a virtual team member, with all of the context from previous messages, attachments, and app integrations.

Teams can choose their preferred LLM model or let Glue pick the best model for each query. Glue AI is model-agnostic and currently supports OpenAI’s GPT and Anthropic’s Claude 3, with more coming soon. Integrations with Github, Google Meet, Linear, Typeform, Zapier, and Zoom are available now, with ClickUp, Google Drive, Notion, Sentry, and others shipping soon.

Breaking Free from Channel Fatigue

Unlike Slack, the atomic unit of conversation in Glue is a thread rather than a channel. Glue threads can be shared with multiple people or groups – and others can be added later as needed – so threads don’t get stuck in a channel. This subtle but fundamental change means less noise because users don’t need to join every channel to get the information they need. Like threads in ChatGPT, Glue threads are topic-focused and have AI-generated subject lines for easy referencing.

“Even before the launch of LLMs, there was a growing consensus that channels don't scale with growing teams. With Glue, we’ve set threads free from the shackles of channels and created the most natural way for AI to work alongside us as a teammate. The result is focused, precise, and productive conversations,” said co-founder Evan Owen.

Evan and David both have a strong connection to this space, having previously built Yammer (acquired by Microsoft) and Zinc (acquired by ServiceMax). They came together to collaborate on Glue when they realized they had similar views about how to reinvent work chat.

“Glue is our answer to channel fatigue and the new home for AI at work,” continued Sacks. “We hope you’ll give it a try and join the waitlist at”

About Glue:

Glue is the first AI-native workplace communication platform, designed to let your team collaborate alongside AI in focused, productive conversations. Glue was co-founded by David Sacks, who previously co-founded Yammer and sold for $1.2 billion to Microsoft in 2012, and Evan Owen, former Head of Engineering at Zinc, a distributed workforce communication app acquired by ServiceMax. Visit to break free of channels and work more efficiently and collaboratively with AI and your team.


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