MCE’s digital Device Lifecycle Management platform is now available on AWS Marketplace

The listing makes it easier than ever for mobile operators to access MCE’s platform and digitize their customers’ device journeys.

DALLAS--()--MCE Systems’ award-winning digital-first Device Lifecycle Management (dDLM) platform solution for mobile operators is now available on the AWS Marketplace under “mce connect”.

Listing on AWS Marketplace puts the platform within easy reach of every mobile operator that already utilizes the AWS Cloud. As such, it represents a major step in MCE’s commitment to making device-related journeys easy, simple and more accessible.

At present device-related journeys are still full of friction and uncertainty. Our research shows that any of these journeys drives down Net Promoter Score and increases churn risk. MCE System’s dDLM platform offers a solution. It gives mobile operators the ability to offer a range of digital self-help tools that customers can use to diagnose, troubleshoot, trade in, check insurance eligibility, track claims and more.

Now, the AI-enabled dDLM platform is available on AWS Marketplace, it means mobile operators that use the AWS platform can more easily execute solutions such as:

  • Device Care App: Operators can build a dedicated app to let customers check the health of their device, diagnose hardware/software faults, and resolve issues via guided tutorials. They can also upgrade with a GenAI-powered chatbot. It serves as a powerful on-device ‘agent’ for resolving problems via conversation.
  • On-device Trade-in: This tool performs advanced on-device diagnostics, fraud database checks and AI-led cosmetic grading (via device camera and a mirror). It can give an objective estimate of a device’s value with a guaranteed trade-in price in less than five minutes. And the process is completed on the device itself.

The MCE dDLM platform uses a low-code stack (“IT-light”), plug-and-play microservice architecture, and is cloud-agnostic. This means it can be easily integrated providing fast paybacks from the moment it is purchased through the AWS Marketplace.

“We are excited to grow our efforts with AWS via this AWS Marketplace listing. It promises to be a real game changer for mobile operators – making it easier for them to build digital tools that will transform their device-related journeys,” said Stuart Steinberg, MCE’s Chief Business Development Officer.

“Providing seamless and channel-agnostic solutions for device-related journeys is still challenging for mobile operators,” said Robert Hackl, MCE’s President & Chief Marketing Officer. “But, giving customers great digital self-help tools can boost revenue, reduce churn and transform NPS scores. Incorporating our dDLM platform into the AWS ecosystem is a mark of our commitment to our mobile operator partners.”

About MCE Systems

Since 2005, MCE has been pioneering software and technology solutions for mobile operators and their partners in the telco and device ecosystem helping accelerate digital transformation of device-related journeys.

Our mission is simple: Mobilize better Customer Experiences. We turn device-related headaches into competitive advantages with our end-to-end digital-first Device Lifecycle Management platform (dDLM). This AI-led, omnichannel platform delivers game-changing experiences across all device-related customer journeys – driving business velocity, margins, and NPS.

MCE is a proven technology partner and highly acclaimed for its world-class products, innovation, and implementation through seven straight gold awards – most notably at The Stevie Awards®. For more information, visit

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Media: Izzy Laycock


Media: Izzy Laycock