FluxSwiss and SwissAI Collaborate on AI-enabled System Modelling for the Energy Infrastructure

FluxSwiss and SwissAI have signed a collaboration agreement to explore the performance of AI in energy infrastructure modelling. The collaboration marks a first step towards AI-enabled system modelling for the energy transition.


SwissAI’s digital model of European gas and electricity transmission networks

ZURICH--()--FluxSwiss has invested over the past years in tools to simulate various energy scenarios and their impact on its network. The collaboration with SwissAI sets out to harness AI-based analysis and forecasting expertise and technology into its approach as well as widen its scope to the entire European geography. Integrating AI holds the promise of enriching the approach with new possibilities for simulating impacts of supply and demand evolutions, policy orientations and human behaviour. In a further step AI could be integrated to model interactions across the overall energy system.

Erik Vennekens, CEO FluxSwiss: “It is crucial to understand the impact of economic and geopolitical events on the overall energy system and to plan for the energy transition while making it happen at optimum cost and safeguarding security of energy supply. SwissAI with its cutting-edge AI capabilities is an excellent partner and we look forward to take our approach to the next level.”

Anna Gawlikowska, CEO of SwissAI: “We are delighted to partner with FluxSwiss. Technology of SwissAI’s platform has been developed over the last 14 years into one of the most powerful AI systems in the world specifically designed to address large scale infrastructure evolution. We look forward to address the current challenge of unprecedented transformation of the energy system.”

SwissAI’s platform covers a comprehensive integrated system of electricity and gas infrastructure as a part of its extensive database coupled with holistic agent-based simulation framework offering unpaired flexibility in decision making support across technological, commercial and regulatory aspects.

FluxSwiss markets c. 90% of the capacity in the Swiss Transitgas pipeline and is part of the fully independent infrastructure group Fluxys. Headquartered in Belgium, Fluxys has 1,300 employees active in gas transmission & storage and liquefied natural gas terminalling. Through its associated companies across the world, Fluxys operates 28,000 kilometres of pipeline and liquefied natural gas terminals totalling a yearly regasification capacity of 450 TWh.

As a purpose-led company, Fluxys together with its stakeholders contributes to a better society by shaping a bright energy future. Building on the unique assets of its infrastructure and its commercial and technical expertise, Fluxys is committed to transporting hydrogen, biomethane or any other carbon-neutral energy carrier as well as CO2, accommodating the capture, usage and storage of the latter.

SwissAI is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider at the forefront of shaping the future of energy, mobility and real estate sectors. The energy sector framework utilised within the collaboration with FluxSwiss provides access to thousands of layers of anonymised proprietary data and algorithms for a comprehensive bottom-up dynamic operational and economical assessment of infrastructure investments as well as real time operations. SwissAI’s platform couples the electricity and gas infrastructure with the bottom-up demand to run various scenarios for the entire European continent and their impact on the operations of interconnected energy system.