Zola Expands into Emerging Technology with Launch of Split the Decisions GPT

With new resources including the GPT tool and AI for thank you notes, Zola is addressing the most pressing consumer friction points in the wedding planning process for couples

Zola's Split the Decision (Graphic: Business Wire)

NEW YORK--()--Today Zola, the most trusted authority in the wedding planning industry, announced the launch of Split the Decisions, an AI tool to help couples divide the decisions in wedding planning equally.

Invisible labor affects many relationships, and wedding planning can bring those imbalances to light in a major way. Decision fatigue also plays a role when one partner is taking on more than the other, and it can cause friction. By Zola’s estimates, couples make more than 500 decisions over the course of planning a wedding, and the “mental load” often falls on one person. In fact, the number one thing that couples told Zola they want to change about wedding planning in its annual First Look Report is the assumption that one person is going to do everything.

“What makes this exciting and powerful is not the technology, it’s the reason why we did it in the first place. It takes two people to plan a wedding so why is it often a one person job?,” said Victoria Vaynberg, Chief Marketing Officer at Zola. “Zola was born out of the desire to make planning a wedding easier for couples, and this issue in particular is one that is yet to be addressed. Technology has advanced and improved the way we do so many things - but there are still a lot of expectations that remain rooted in the past. Because we can now address this pain point with something functional, and start the conversation that this problem exists, we’re now headed in the right direction.”

With the most popular time of year for engagements coming to a close, many newly engaged couples are now embarking on their wedding planning journey. With this new “planning season” kicking off, Zola aims to make a big difference from the get go with an easy to use tool to help them start off as a team, right from the beginning.

How it works:

To begin, each partner provides information like their priorities, concerns, desired style and vibe, and general feelings about wedding planning. Next, answer a few “who’s more likely to” questions as a pair, like who’s more detail-oriented and who’s more creative, to discover your strengths and preferences in a fun way. Then the AI tool will divide up all the wedding planning tasks based on who’s the best fit for each, as well as providing a list of joint tasks. If there’s any feedback, couples can provide that directly to the tool and it will adjust. Once complete, couples are provided a downloadable link to a split to-do list, complete with links to free Zola tools and resources to start on each list.

“Split The Decisions really acts like a mediator and makes each person think about their answers,” said Allison Cullman, VP Brand Marketing & Strategy at Zola. “Not only does it create something productive and useful, but it facilitates important conversations that couples should have - like what really matters to them for the wedding.”

Always looking for innovative ways to improve the wedding planning experience for our couples, Zola already knew that 54% of couples were planning to, or considering using AI for wedding planning. Before the launch of this latest tool, an early example of this is Zola’s AI-powered thank you note generator, which allows couples to craft a personalized note based on the gift and the gift-giver.

Split the decisions is available with a ChatGPT+ subscription (which starts at $20/month) and can be found at www.zola.com/expert-advice/it-takes-two or in the ChatGPT store.


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