Launching Vartis12™: The First Multi-Celestial Timekeeping app to Enhance your Solar Eclipse Experience

MILTON, Ontario--()--Today marks a pivotal moment for “Episome Inc.” as it takes a bold leap with the first application using cutting-edge timekeeping methodologies unifying cyclic and linear time.1,2 Available for iPhones and Apple Watches, Vartis12 heralds a new era in multi-celestial timekeeping beginning with combining both Mars orbital periods and planetary time with the introduction of Moon18—a transformative fusion of ancient Mesoamerican timekeeping groupings3 with modern technology.

Seize a Rare Opportunity Prepare for the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th:

The Vartis12 offers an iOS widget and watch app that includes Moon18 time keeping, used for meticulously tracking the Moon's orbit. Track time towards the mesmerizing total solar eclipse on April 8th.4

Key Features of Vartis12 iPhone widget and iPhone app:

  • Moon18 time: A lunar orbital time piece aligned with a New Moon event, linked to celestial phenomena of solar eclipses and independent of Earth time zones.
  • Mars timekeeping: Track Mars’ orbital period and Mars24 time, including time zones.
  • Ancient and modern calendars: Launched including both the Gregorian and Islamic Hijri Calendar systems.

About Episome and Vartis12:

Vartis12 is an app designed for iOS devices by Episome Healthcare Investing and Consulting Services Inc., “Episome Inc.”, a privately held consultancy refocusing to integrate ancient wisdom with modern technology. Vartis12 underscores our steadfast dedication to use patent pending technology to build solutions for modern challenges, from independent timekeeping for Moon exploration to potential novel quantum clock approaches needed for quantum computing.

Media: Follow on, YouTube: @Vartis12, Twitter: @Vartis12


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Press Release Disclaimer:

This press release may contain forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties.

The accuracy of this launched version of Moon18 and Mars timekeeping is dependent on upon publicly available temporal event periods. For example, current accuracy for Moon18 is currently predicted to be within about one minute of actual Earth, Moon, Sun conjunction events.


Press Contact: Steven D.P. Moore, President of Episome. Email: Phone: 1-647-223-3526


Press Contact: Steven D.P. Moore, President of Episome. Email: Phone: 1-647-223-3526