Airspeed Launches New AI Features and Awards to Strengthen Employee Connections

First-of-its-kind Airspeed Awards automatically generates employee awards based on previous recognition.

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Airspeed, an innovative platform focused on connecting and celebrating employees to drive engagement and performance, today announced the launch of AI Awards and new AI capabilities across all their applications. The new AI features will help companies analyze their culture data and make it actionable while Awards will enable continuous achievement recognition for workers.

In recent years, the workplace has undergone a major shift in how and where we work. With the emergence of generative AI, we’re experiencing yet another radical work change. Many companies have enabled employees to work remotely or follow a flexible hybrid schedule, and while the pros of this flexibility are plentiful, it also has resulted in dispersed teams and fewer personal connections in the workplace.

While some companies are returning to in-office work, the problems of low engagement and lack of connection have always existed; the pandemic merely highlighted them. According to an August 2023 Gallup report, workers have become increasingly disconnected from the mission and purpose of their companies over the past 5 years. Workplace connection and purpose are vital, and have been proven to make us more engaged and productive.

Airspeed enables teams to connect authentically, with AI-powered tools that allow users to continuously learn more about their teammates, recognize each other, celebrate milestones, and discover what they have in common.

Airspeed Awards enables teams to use Airspeed’s AI to generate awards based on recognition that has been sent over a specific period, such as last quarter. With Awards, companies and managers can deliver consistent recognition that can often be lacking in work environments. Gallup recommends delivering recognition every seven days to motivate employees, boost productivity, and increase loyalty.

The other AI features launching will allow users to prompt Airspeed AI and ask their culture-related questions, such as:

  • What are the most common interests across the company? If you were planning a team-building activity, you could use this to guide you into scheduling a virtual cooking class.
  • What cities have 5+ team members? This could help you set up in-person team events or find the best place for an offsite.
  • What was the top company value used in Shoutouts? Find out which of your values resonate the most with the team, and see your team living the values.
  • Who received the most Shoutouts in Q1? See who's receiving recognition and what they're being recognized for. You can also see which managers are giving recognition and who are not, which is a great opportunity for coaching.

Airspeed also has added generative AI features throughout its suite of apps. Those additions can be used to help users write recognition for their direct reports in Shoutouts, sign work anniversary cards in Celebrations, and power virtual coffee chat matching in Coffee Talk.

"I’ve never seen anything like Airspeed’s AI Awards before,” said Pat Wadors, Chief People Officer of UKG and author of the upcoming book Unlock Your Leadership Story. “Applying AI to the problem of company culture and employee connection couldn’t be more timely. A company’s most valuable asset is its people, and great CEOs and CPOs are focusing on being more deliberate about the tools and processes they use to retain their best people.”

Instead of piecing together products from different vendors, Airspeed provides a complete culture starter kit in one family of connected apps. Airspeed’s Slack applications are available now through the Airspeed website and the Slack App Directory.

About Airspeed

Airspeed is an innovative platform dedicated to connecting and celebrating employees. Through its family of apps – Celebrations, Coffee Talk, Icebreakers, Intros, Shoutouts, and Maps – Airspeed provides solutions to both culture and connection that current apps cannot. Airspeed is founded by a world-class team with decades of experience building category-defining cloud businesses and is backed by Greylock, Venrock, Salesforce Ventures, Next Play Ventures and top angel investors. Learn More About Airspeed


Kristen Hoff

Release Summary

First-of-its-kind AI-powered Airspeed Awards automatically generates employee awards based on previous recognition.


Kristen Hoff