Startup Ecosystem in TAKANAWA GATEWAY CITY

"TAKANAWA GATEWAY Link Scholars’ Hub" will support over 100 startups

Startup Ecosystem (Graphic: Business Wire)

TOKYO--()--East Japan Railway Company:

  • JR East is developing a startup ecosystem in TAKANAWA GATEWAY CITY (the City), which is scheduled to open in late March 2025.
  • The City will be one of the largest scale experimental sites in Japan for 100,000 visitors, working to solve social issues related to environmental protection, mobility vehicles and robotics, and healthcare services. Over 100 startups in Deep Tech and other sectors will launch new businesses through long-term support in collaboration with the University of Tokyo(UTokyo) and other academic institutions.
  • Each of the Business Creation Programs are to be launched sequentially starting in July 2024, in collaboration with UTokyo, the National University of Singapore(NUS) and other partners. Adopted companies will have opportunity to conduct demonstrations in the City in conjunction with the opening of the City.

We create solutions to social issues around the world by collaborating with partners who have diverse and cutting-edge knowledge, by analyzing the City's wide range of data, and by providing a wide range of financial support.

(1) Business Creation Facilities : TAKANAWA GATEWAY Link Scholars’ Hub

  1. Studio 1 - 3
    Startups can receive various supports from academia and professionals. Studio 3 has a demonstration area where startups can showcase their cutting-edge technologies.
  2. Lab
    The lab is equipped with the experimental equipment necessary for basic research, which enables startups to reduce the initial investment.

(2) Three Key Themes

  1. Environmental Protection: Achieving planetary health
  2. Mobility Vehicles and Robotics: Creating a society where people and robots coexist in harmony
  3. Healthcare Services: Creating a society in which everyone can lead rich, fulfilling life for the next 100 years

(3) Business Creation Programs

The City enables startups to conduct experiments for 100,000 visitors. Business creation programs will be launched sequentially around July 2024.

  1. Business Creation Program in collaboration with UTokyo
    We will work with UTokyo to develop a new program to create and incubate startups.
  2. Business Creation Program in collaboration with NUS
    In partnership with BLOCK71 Tokyo, a technology-focused ecosystem builder by NUS Enterprise, the program supports startups entering the Japanese market by creating opportunities for business co-creation with Japanese companies. It also provides support for Japanese startups looking to expand their businesses internationally.

(4) The City Overview



The Center for

Cultural Innovations


Offices, hotel, retail, convention/conference, nursery school

Offices, retail, fitness, clinics

Cultural Creation facilities

Residences, international school

(Reference) TAKANAWA GATEWAY Convention Center

A multifunctional 15-room MICE facility with a main convention hall of 1,640m2. It will also be used to hold MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Event/Exhibition) events using the entire City, such as holding a collaborative event in the station plaza. We will start accepting reservations from July 2024.


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Release Summary

Startup Ecosystem in TAKANAWA GATEWAY CITY: "TAKANAWA GATEWAY Link Scholars’ Hub" will support over 100 startups


East Japan Railway Company
Corporate Communications Department
TEL: +81-3-5334-1300