733Park Announces the Exclusive Listing of Project Treasure – A Premier Merchant Processing Portfolio for Sale

BOSTON--()--733Park, Inc., a distinguished advisory firm specializing in payments, fintech, SaaS, and ISVs, announced it has been exclusively appointed to represent Project Treasure, a lucrative recurring revenue merchant processing portfolio positioned for sale.

Project Treasure stands as a testament to astute financial engineering and market fit, yielding an impressive $175,000 in net monthly revenue, net of agents. The portfolio's revenue streams are diversified and robust, comprising $115,000 net from CardConnect/Fiserv across 175 MIDs and $60,000 from 90 Paysafe MIDs.

This listing shines particularly brightly due to its substantial composition of cash discounting accounts, representing 60% of the total portfolio. It has a stronghold in the restaurant sector, leveraging the innovative Clover Point of Sale (POS) system.

The seller, committed to a seamless transition, is amenable to a short transition period post-sale to aid the buyer in assuming the helm of this thriving business. The sale is motivated by the seller's strategic decision to pivot focus towards software development and to embark on a new venture outside the realm of payment processing.

In addition to its revenue, Project Treasure boasts a fertile pipeline of 5-10 monthly referrals, promising continued growth. These referrals can potentially be transitioned to the new owner, especially if the buyer maintains a relationship with Clover, ensuring a continuity of service excellence and further business development opportunities.

Lane Gordon, 733Park's founder and M&A veteran, commented, "Project Treasure represents an unparalleled opportunity in the merchant processing space. Its strong recurring revenue and established market presence make it a rare gem for any serious buyer. We are honored to facilitate this transaction, underscoring our commitment to connecting sophisticated buyers with premium investment opportunities."

About 733Park

Headquartered in Boston, 733Park is the market leader for facilitating the acquisition and sale of ISOs, merchant portfolios, ISVs, and SaaS businesses. Under the strategic guidance of Lane Gordon, 733Park harnesses its expertise to aid companies in executing precise acquisition or roll-up strategies and successful exits.

Project Treasure and additional payments, SaaS, and fintech acquisition opportunities can be found on 733Park’s Current Offerings Page.

Interested parties are invited to inquire directly to discuss the acquisition of Project Treasure and tap into the opportunity to own a significant stake in the merchant services market.

For more information about this opportunity or to schedule a confidential discussion, please contact: info@733park.com

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