Audience Town Announces an Additional Funding Round Led by Existing Investors to Accelerate Growth of Consumer Analytics Platform & Marketing Attribution for Real Estate Brands and Technology Partners

Existing lead investors Wasatch Equity Partners add investment to accelerate Audience Town’s upgraded analytics platform and marketing attribution solution for the Real Estate marketing industry

NEW YORK--()--Audience Town, the consumer intelligence platform that has advanced data analytics and insights for the real estate industry, today announced an additional round of funding led by existing lead investors Wasatch Equity Partners. The funding will be used to accelerate Audience Town’s upgraded analytics platform and allow partnership with leading real estate platforms across technology, listings, and data.

The funding will advance the development of Audience Town’s new and rapidly growing community-based analytics platform, now in closed BETA, which will officially launch for general availability in February 2024. The new community analytics platform includes the groundbreaking attribution solution, which revolutionizes the way real estate marketing teams credit sales to each lead & marketing channel. With “full loop” metrics clients can connect a real-world home transaction to upper-funnel marketing impressions and lead source interactions that have never been attributable to the real estate industry before.

Audience Town’s Analytics Platform

The new community-based analytics platform is designed to be more actionable for sales & marketing teams in the real estate industry, bringing consumer insights and measurement to marketing campaigns, developing personas, quantifying ROI, and verifying how many sales or leads each marketing channel is driving. Built and priced for real estate on a housing community level, the powerful platform provides predictive and descriptive consumer insights about every housing community for home builders and multifamily operators from local to national levels.

Attribution Solution: a First for the Real Estate Industry

For the first time, real estate marketing teams can specifically determine which channels lead to home transactions and precisely which referral sources lead to a home sale or lease. The attribution solution offers a “closed-loop” experience at every stage: originating from prospect and ending at home sale or lease. Marketing efforts across all avenues are measured, including search marketing, websites, forms, leads, and sales offices—all the way to the final transaction.

As 2024 continues the shift towards consumer-centric real estate, we are so pleased to offer an innovative new way for our clients to better connect with their consumers,” remarks Ed Carey, founder and CEO of Audience Town. “We are grateful that Wasatch Equity Partners has increased their investment in our team to facilitate these new developments. Now, for a small fraction of the marketing budget, real estate companies can finally confirm which channels are most effective, which ultimately translates to closing more at a higher velocity”.

The Audience Town team has proven that they know what real estate marketing teams need: unique insights, an easy-to-use platform, and the right community economics,” comments Scott Stettler, Managing Partner/COO of Wasatch Equity Partners. “We are excited to continue to support their platform that has manifested in groundbreaking innovations for the industry.”

Audience Town has been on a remarkable growth trajectory since its launch in December of 2018, with 530% year-over-year growth of analytics SaaS revenue and 100% growth of audience data in 2023

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Audience Town is the first and only consumer analytics platform for real estate, providing predictive insights and moving trend data unparalleled in the PropTech industry. As a pioneer in real estate consumer intelligence, Audience Town can predict who is going to move in the next 12 months-often before movers know it themselves, based on life events linked to the likelihood of moving. The platform provides access to insights specific to home movers and renters with in-depth consumer profiles, interests, and household information delivered straight to an inbox in a self-service format. Previous mover insights have relied upon stale data from the past, like geographic and US census data, providing analytics tools to the industry that fall short. Audience Town provides the whole story with game-changing insights powerful enough to up-level your real estate business.