National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR) Selects Weights & Biases for Pilot Program

Weights & Biases doubles down on federal market, including appointment of Head of Federal Sales

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Weights & Biases, the AI developer platform, today announced its participation in the National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource (NAIRR) pilot program. This program is a first step towards realizing the vision for a shared research infrastructure that will strengthen and democratize access to critical resources necessary to power responsible AI discovery and innovation.

The NAIRR pilot is a collaboration between academia, industry, nonprofit and government sectors and intended to promote cross-sector partnerships. The pilot will initially support AI research to advance safe, secure, and trustworthy AI as well as the application of AI to challenges in healthcare and environmental and infrastructure sustainability. The NAIRR pilot will also provide infrastructure support to educators to enable training on AI technologies and their responsible approaches.

“By contributing licenses for their AI Developer Platform, Weights & Biases is providing NAIRR Pilot users access to critical software and tools needed to improve experimental rigor and model reproducibility, key elements for ensuring a responsible AI innovation ecosystem,” said Katie Antypas, office director for the National Science Foundation’s Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure.

Appointment of Mark Kroto

In addition to Weights & Biases participation in the federal pilot program, the company also announced the appointment of Mark Kroto as Head of Federal Sales. Kroto will lead the company’s efforts to build a team and ecosystem of partners that will deploy the use of safe, secure, responsible, and unbiased AI in government. With more than a decade of experience in AI and data analytics at Deloitte, IBM, Alteryx, and Dell, Mark is passionate about helping clients within the federal government solve complex problems that benefit the mission and programs in agencies and industry alike.

“From fraud detection and national threat prevention to critical infrastructure security and enhanced service experiences, Weights & Biases is uniquely positioned to transform impossible missions into reality,” said Chris Van Pelt, Co-Founder, Weights & Biases. “As the U.S. government takes a more aggressive stance in the safe, secure and trustworthy deployment of AI, we’re excited to join this new pilot program to move the country’s vision forward. We also welcome Mark to the team – his roots and expertise within the public sector are unparalleled and will help us make further progress in the sector.”

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