MCE Systems Wins the “Telecoms Marketing Team of the Year” Award at Glotel 2023

MCE Systems wins the Glotel 2023 Awards in the "Telecoms Marketing Team of the Year" category. (Photo: Business Wire)

LONDON--()--MCE Systems Ltd, the pioneer of digital-first Device Lifecycle Management (dDLM), has won “Telecoms Marketing Team of the Year” at the 2023 Glotel Awards. This achievement marks MCE’s eighth award this year, and notably the first dedicated to its marketing team.

The Glotel Awards, organized by, recognizes excellence in the global telecommunications sector. MCE Systems earned this prestigious award for its marketing program, which centers around the highly acclaimed digital-first, omni-channel approach to Device Lifecycle Management (DLM).

DLM describes how Telcos and their customers manage device onboarding, activation, trade-in, support, and repair. Current practices often lead to customer frustration due to issues such as repetitive processes, unresolved issues, lack of remote intelligence and tools, and disjointed channel experiences.

Recognizing these challenges, MCE Systems set out to redefine DLM with a digital-first platform. This solution uses simple self-serve tools powered by remote intelligence, connecting multiple systems and channels seamlessly to improve both customer experience and operator margins.

Beyond this transformational technology, the dDLM product suite needed to be presented with the customer as a key stakeholder in mind. Its impact needed to be measurable, and its compelling value propositions needed to be communicated concisely to all stakeholders. To achieve this, the marketing team implemented three key strategies:

  • Conducting a global survey of 23,000 customers to understand sources of friction and barriers to the adoption of digital tools for DLM and testing concepts to address these challenges.
  • Developing comprehensive operational and KPI benchmarking for device-related journeys to define “what good looks like” for device journeys.
  • Creating the tagline “Mobilizing better Customer Experiences” to elevate the story from a product to a platform perspective while articulating the dDLM and company proposition.

This swift and impactful marketing-led transformation helped scale the business by elevating product discussions to platform solutions, differentiating a Telco’s competitive position, both defensively and offensively. The resulting executive story brought the “elevator pitch” to life, including KPIs, financial modeling, and impact cases empowering executives and finance departments for fast execution.

This foundational work led to seven other Gold Awards in 2023 for MCE’s technology, recognizing digital transformation, customer experience innovation, and applied technology impact. These include gold awards from the UK Customer Experience Awards, Merit Awards, Globee Awards, Digital Transformation Awards, and Stevie® Awards.

"We are thrilled to receive this high recognition in the “Telecoms Marketing Team of the Year” category. This win highlights MCE's outstanding contribution to understanding and enhancing customer experiences in the mobile industry, contributing to our goal to set new benchmarks, unlock value for partners, elevate our business, and contribute to telecom industry advancement,” said Dr. Robert Hackl, CMO and Global President at MCE Systems.

“While these achievements are impressive on their own, they become even more gratifying given the team's size. Proving, once again, that a highly focused, diverse team with fresh insights can drive strong results.” added Liran Weiss, CCO at MCE Systems.

“It’s a great honor to win this award. We look forward to continuing to champion dDLM, setting new standards, and unlocking even more value for our customers.” said Yuval Blumental, CEO at MCE Systems.

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Media contact:
Izzy Laycock


Media contact:
Izzy Laycock