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MNTN Announces Major Software Update Arming Advertisers With The Most Advanced Tools in Performance TV Ahead Of The Holidays

LOS ANGELES--()--MNTN, the Hardest Working Software in TV and a trailblazer in Performance TV advertising, today unveiled MNTN Next Gen TV. This major software update comes just in time for Q4 allowing advertisers to maximize their revenue-driving potential now and in 2024. Updates include performance optimization, access to lower pricing, enhanced audience building, optimized creative and verified measurement.

“MNTN's Next Gen TV is not just a software update; it’s a significant evolution of Performance TV,” said MNTN President and CEO Mark Douglas. “As we head into what will likely be the biggest Black Friday and Cyber Monday to date, advertisers are eager to see their dollars deliver and scale these results into next year. MNTN Next Gen TV is a necessity for any advertiser precisely at the moment when marketers need it the most.”

MNTN Customers who gained early access to MNTN Next Gen TV are already seeing impactful results. Mikayla Ceraso, Growth Marketing Manager at Tuckernuck shared, “After MNTN released Next Gen TV, our ROAS increased by 65% the following month — both in the MNTN platform and in Google Analytics, where we use our conversion measurement methodology. We increased budget based on performance being strong and wanting to scale into the holiday, and efficiency is still quite high! It gives us a lot of ammunition to focus on this channel even more.”

MNTN Next Gen TV updates include:

  • Performance Optimization
    • Upgraded performance engine to deliver an unrivaled return on investment
      • Cost Per Acquisition has been reduced by 27%
      • Site Visit Rate has been improved by 38%
    • Deliver and measure app installs
      • Optimize your TV campaigns to deliver on mobile app downloads
      • Key integrations with AppsFlyer, Adjust, and Kochava to measure success in advertiser’s preferred source of truth.
  • Access to pricing from one of the largest buyers of TV advertising in the US
    • More buying power, improved pricing, and better performance for MNTN customers.
    • As always with MNTN, TV ads only appear on blue-chip streaming TV networks, thanks to MNTN’s 150+ direct deals with Peacock, ESPN, CBS, Bravo, FOX, and other premium providers.
  • Enhanced Audience Building
    • Build TV audiences with the same control, ease, and precision of paid social advertising.
    • Remodeled audience builder grants access to a brands first and third party data all in one place. With nearly endless combinations of inclusions, exclusions, and connective statements at your fingertips, honing in on an exact customer profile and delivering optimal performance have never been easier.
    • Tap into LiveRamp’s extensive database of third party audience segments. Access LiveRamp’s expansive list of third party segments to create audiences who are most likely to take action after seeing an ad. Thousands of LiveRamp segments are integrated directly into the MNTN platform, covering an extensive range of audience interests, purchasing histories, in-market signals, and more. This makes it easy to craft a precise customer profile, achieving more qualified reach and better performance, at scale.
    • Create and store specific geographic lists, CRM lists, and first -party audience segments for convenient reuse, ensuring campaign setup is always quick and seamless.
    • Radius Targeting: Focus your TV advertising on relevant customers within a radius of specific addresses or cities, which can improve your cost per visit (CPV), cost per acquisition (CPA), and return on ad spend (ROAS).
    • These are in addition to the existing 85,000 integrated audiences available on MNTN.
  • Optimized Creative
    • Creative-as-a-Subscription™ (CaaS) provides advertisers with a steady stream of professionally-produced creative at no additional cost.
    • Additional creative optimized for audience segments can deliver hundreds of thousands of dollars of net-new revenue.
      • Outdoor blanket company Rumpl used CaaS to generate an additional $526K in revenue over the course of a year, by their estimations.
  • Verified Measurement
    • MNTN’s Verified Visits™ seamlessly integrates into preferred third party attribution platforms using our new macro-enabled visit tracking.
    • Full integration with GA4: MNTN is the only Performance TV platform that accurately integrates TV attribution data with GA4, enabling you to track your Verified Visits™ and conversions right alongside other marketing channels. MNTN has long been integrated with Google Analytics, and we invested significant engineering resources to ensure the integration remained strong during Google’s transition to GA4.

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MNTN is the Hardest Working Software in TV, bringing unrivaled performance and simplicity to Connected TV advertising. Our self-serve technology makes running TV ads as easy as search and social and helps brands drive measurable conversions, revenue, site visits, and more. MNTN is one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies of 2023. For more information, please visit


Molly Alves


Molly Alves