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Expert advice from BodyKore: how to design a personal fitness oasis tailored to your goals and space


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BodyKore, a leading provider of top-quality, commercial-grade home gym equipment, is dedicated to helping consumers create their own fitness sanctuary that aligns with their specific goals, budgets, and preferences. For in-depth guidance on constructing the perfect home gym or to schedule a free 3D home gym design, visit today! (Photo: Business Wire)

GARDEN GROVE, Calif.--()--Considering the leap from a public gym to the privacy of your own home fitness sanctuary? Let’s face it — dealing with the hassle of packed gyms, unavailable equipment, and the precious time lost in commute can be a workout in itself. Maybe it’s time to bring the gym to you. BodyKore®, a leading fitness equipment manufacturer specializing in home gym design, is pleased to offer key recommendations to help you design a home gym that will inspire and support your fitness goals.

“A well-designed home gym can be a game-changer for your health and fitness journey,” says Leo Chang, co-founder and CEO of BodyKore. “But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together some tips to help people create the best home gym for their needs and budget.”

Here are BodyKore’s top tips for building the ultimate home gym:

1. Define Your Fitness Goals: Before buying equipment, think about what you want to achieve with your home gym. Are you focused on building muscle, shedding pounds, boosting cardiovascular endurance, enhancing flexibility or functional fitness, or a blend of these aims? Or is your primary concern overall health and wellness? Different fitness goals require different types of equipment. For example,

  • Strength Training: For muscle and strength building, consider investing in dumbbells, barbells, a weight bench, and resistance bands.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness: To improve heart health, opt for cardio machines like a treadmill or stationary bike.
  • Overall Health and Wellness: For a well-rounded approach, select a mix of strength, cardio, and functional fitness equipment.

2. Evaluate Your Space: Make sure you have enough space to accommodate your equipment and allow for safe movement during workouts. If you’re working with a smaller space, choose compact, multi-functional equipment.

“We typically recommend a dedicated space of at least 200 square feet but can work with whatever space you have allocated in your home,” Chang said. “If you need help visualizing the space, BodyKore offers free 3D designs for your review.”

3. Invest in Quality Equipment: While buying the cheapest equipment available may be tempting, investing in high-quality equipment will save you money in the long run. Instead, look for equipment that is durable, adjustable, and designed for the type of workouts you want to do. Prioritize brands that offer product warranties to safeguard your investment.

4. Budget Effectively. When it comes to setting up your dream gym, it’s not just about choosing quality equipment. You must still figure out how to work it into your budget. Seek out companies that offer diverse financing options to accommodate various credit profiles and budgets.

5. Choose Equipment that Fits Your Needs: Don’t buy equipment just because it’s popular or trendy. Choose equipment that fits your fitness goals, space, and budget.

“If you're having a difficult time deciding because you want to be able to have multiple options, consider BodyKore’s Universal Trainer, which is capable of over 100 exercises, catering to muscle building, cardio, and calisthenics,” Chang suggested.

6. Personalize Your Space: Add personal touches to your home gym to make it a motivating and inspiring space. Paint the walls your favorite color, hang motivational posters, or play music that gets you pumped up.

“Having my own home gym has helped with my personal training business,” said Jeanette Hoxie of Santee, Calif., who turned to BodyKore during the pandemic to set up a home gym space so she could train clients. “And, it’s also nice that I can work out from home and not have to go to the gym if I’m running short on time. The quality of their equipment is amazing!”

For in-depth guidance on constructing the perfect home gym, explore BodyKore’s Ultimate Home Gym Guide or schedule a free 3D home gym design consultation here.

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From equipment selection to space utilization and budgeting, discover six insider tips from BodyKore for creating the perfect home gym.

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