Eurofins Scientific SE: Disclosure of Total Number of Voting Rights and Number of Shares in the Capital at 31 October 2023

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Form to be used for the disclosure of the total number of voting rights and capital, in accordance with the law and grand-ducal regulation of 11 January 2008 on transparency requirements for issuers of securities

1. Identity of the issuer or the underlying issuer of existing shares to which voting rights are attachedi (including the issuer ID allocated by the CSSF)

2. Identity of the notifier (if another person makes the notification on behalf of the issuer)
N/ A

3. Total number of shares composing the share capital of the notifying issuer

4. Total number of voting rights attached to the shares composing the share capital of the notifying issuer, including the suspended voting rightsii

5. Origin of the changeiii

  • Cancellation of some class A beneficiary units

6. Date when the change occurred
30 September 2023


i Either the full name of the legal entity or another method for identifying the issuer or underlying issuer, provided it is reliable and accurate.
ii For further details on the total number of voting rights, please refer to point 1(b) of circular CSSF 08/349.
iii As, for example, a capital increase or reduction.


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