The Termeer Foundation Announces Application for the Class of 2024 Termeer Fellows Is Open

The Termeer Foundation, who have identified and supported the biotechnology industry’s future leaders and entrepreneurs since 2018, seeks the latest Class of Termeer Fellows to join the ever-expanding network of biotech entrepreneurs, CEOs, and visionaries.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--()--The Termeer Foundation, a nonprofit organization working to connect the world of healthcare innovators until every patient has a cure, announces the application for the Class of 2024 Henri Termeer Fellowship is open.

The Henri Termeer Fellowship is awarded each year to first time CEOs of early-stage or non-profit biotech/life science organizations who are committed to developing medicines and medical technologies that have the potential to deliver life-changing treatments to patients. Recipients are often early in their leadership career trajectory and understand the value of establishing professional relationships and community networks that will help foster their own professional growth and advance their company mission. Termeer Fellows place a high priority on learning from others as well as serving as a mentor themselves.

The cornerstone of The Termeer Foundation is its values-driven leadership framework. Our values started with Henri Termeer and the Termeer Foundation programs support leaders who illustrate these values: responsibility, passion, innovation, humility, connectivity The values-driven leadership framework includes: Professional development provided by industry experts, executive coaches and consultants; Mentoring and access to 40 Mentors, experienced leaders and industry luminaries committed to sharing their expertise; Network building through the Termeer Network, an ever-expanding group of emerging and established healthcare innovators.

All applicants must complete an online application by January 5, 2024 that can be found here. The 2024 Henri Termeer Fellows will be announced early April 2024.


The Termeer Foundation is a nonprofit organization working to connect and promote the world of healthcare innovators until every patient has a cure. We understand that bringing new treatments to patients is grueling work with a low probability of success – nearly 90% of drug candidates fail to reach the market. We believe we can improve these odds by positively impacting the human variables in healthcare. Our supports include mentoring, networking, professional development, and financial grants intended to facilitate connections, break down silos, strengthen skillsets and ultimately enable a diverse array of current and future biotech leaders who bring much-needed treatments to patients. The Termeer Foundation is committed to ensuring the inclusiveness of its network, particularly in recognition of the underrepresentation of women, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+ and Black, Brown and Indigenous People of Color, within the biopharmaceutical industry.

Find out more about The Termeer Foundation and how you can support, engage with, and join our network at or on LinkedIn @the-termeer-foundation.

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