New Poll Reveals Majority of Americans Are Unprepared for Power Outages, Interested in More Affordable Solar Power Solutions

  • More than half of Americans (53%) were caught by surprise by their last power outage.
  • While over half of Americans often worry about severe weather (64%) and power outages (56%) interrupting their lives, nearly half of the respondents (49%) do not regularly use portable power solutions.
  • 57% of Americans express an interest in adopting solar power at home, yet 73% identify cost as a significant obstacle.
  • 81% of Americans agree that local governments should invest more in upgrading and maintaining electrical infrastructure to prevent power failures.

FREMONT, Calif.--()--Following the Climate Prediction Center’s new El Niño advisory, Jackery – the global leader of innovative portable power and environmentally-friendly energy solutions – conducted a comprehensive survey of 1,500 Americans, shedding light on the state of emergency preparedness across the nation. The study reveals a stark reality: Americans are not adequately prepared for power outages. In fact, more than half (53%) of Americans said they were caught by surprise by their last power outage.

Americans worry about power outages but often neglect portable solutions

While over half of Americans worry at least once a month about severe weather (64%) and power outages (56%) interrupting their lives, nearly half of the respondents (49%) admit they do not regularly use portable power solutions. When asked about which devices they’d be most concerned about powering during an outage, 37% of respondents answered powering their refrigerator or stove, followed closely by their phones and laptops (27%) and heater or air conditioner (24%).

Many Americans want solar power but face cost and infrastructure challenges

Investing in solar power is a compelling prospect for many Americans. A significant 57% of Americans surveyed expressed an interest in adopting solar power at home, driven by the attractive prospects of reduced electricity bills, freedom from reliance on the grid, and lower carbon emissions. As home energy solutions increase in the market, 61% of Americans are attracted to the concept of living “off-grid” due to the potential cost savings and the energy independence that comes with powering your home off the grid.

Despite widespread awareness (79%) of government tax incentives for solar investments, Americans still grapple with substantial financial barriers, with 73% identifying the cost of full-home solar and portable solar generators as significant obstacles. Additionally, 81% of respondents believe that local governments should prioritize investment in electrical infrastructure upgrades to prevent power failures.

“Great progress has been made in increasing access to renewable energy sources like whole-home and portable solar generators, yet much work remains to be done to increase access and provide Americans with solutions in the face of increasing power insecurity,” said John Zhao, Head of Americas at Jackery. “This survey exposes the unpreparedness of Americans for power outages and underscores the growing interest in solar solutions. At Jackery, we’re providing all consumers with reliable sources of solar power to ensure their appliances can remain powered in the face of disaster and they can maintain peace of mind during these challenging times.”

For those looking to invest in backup power, Jackery’s reliable, safe, and easy-to-use portable solar generators offer peace of mind and renewable energy, anywhere. For example, the Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Plus can be expanded to a capacity of up to 24 kWh, enough power to support 2 weeks of home backup to keep essential devices like lights, refrigerators, and medical equipment running. Other large capacity units like the Solar Generator 3000 Pro, or the expandable Solar Generator 1000 Plus, can last Americans up to several days in the case of an emergency, and come with solar panels for fast recharging.

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This survey was conducted in collaboration with online poll provider and surveyed 1,500 adults aged 18+ located in the United States. Responses were collected between September 6, 2023 and September 12, 2023.

About Jackery:

Jackery is a global leader in portable power solutions, specializing in clean, sustainable energy solutions for outdoor adventures, home backup, and emergency preparedness. With a commitment to innovation and environmental responsibility, Jackery empowers individuals and businesses with portable power stations, solar generators, and solar panels that provide reliable, renewable energy whenever and wherever it's needed.

Emma Ross, US Public Relations

Emma Ross, US Public Relations