BODYARMOR Sports Drink Announces International Expansion for First Time in Brand History

WHITESTONE, N.Y.--()--BODYARMOR Sports Nutrition today announced that for the first time in brand history BODYARMOR™ will expand and distribute its premium sports drink products internationally. Beginning in January 2024, BODYARMOR will be available across all of Canada including key cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. The game-changing sports drink brand will bring its original product, BODYARMOR Sports Drink, as well as the low-calorie version, BODYARMOR LYTE, to consumers across Canada.

Founded in 2011 by Mike Repole, BODYARMOR shook up the sports drink category by offering a premium coconut water-based product, packed with electrolytes and antioxidants. Low in sodium and high in potassium, BODYARMOR Sports Drink contains natural flavors and sweeteners and no colours or dyes from artificial sources. After experiencing resounding success and seeing firsthand that consumers were looking for better hydration options than what was currently on the market, the brand went on to create BODYARMOR LYTE – a low-calorie hydration drink (just 15 calories per serving), and similar to Sports Drink has a coconut-water base with no artificial flavours, no colours or dyes from artificial sources.

“This is a major moment and key milestone for the BODYARMOR brand and one we do not take lightly,” says Federico Muyshondt, CEO, BODYARMOR Sports Nutrition. “We have seen incredible growth in the 10+ years since our inception and are excited to bring our premium lineup of products to new markets with our first stop being Canada.”

The brand will distribute eight new SKUs in early 2024 to Canadians coast-to-coast including the following:

  • BODYARMOR Sports Drink: Strawberry Banana (#1 selling Trademark SKU in U.S.), Fruit Punch, Orange Mango, Strawberry Grape, Tropical Punch
  • BODYARMOR LYTE: Peach Mango (#1 selling LYTE SKU in U.S.), Blueberry Pomegranate, Dragonfruit Berry

Muyshondt says, “International expansion has been on our mind for quite a while, and we are extremely proud to be able to make this happen in partnership with The Coca-Cola Company and Coke Canada Bottling. We know that consumers around the world, but more specifically Canada, are now looking for more functionality in their beverages – they want more out of what they’re consuming. BODYARMOR is designed for that. Our brand and product was designed to be better-for-you from an ingredients standpoint and we are extremely confident the consumer will be receptive.”

The repeat rate in the U.S. is currently at 51%*, meaning once consumers try the product, they continue to regularly purchase it for their household.

“Canadians’ love of sports is as diverse as the people who live in our communities making Canada a great choice to lead BODYARMOR’s international expansion,” says Stephen du Toit, Coke Canada Bottling President and COO. “There’s nothing like BODYARMOR in the Canadian market today and we know this product is going to delight Canadians coast-to-coast-to-coast. We’re very pleased to partner with the BODYARMOR team as the first international market to deliver this breakthrough brand to our customers early next year.”

Beyond Canada, BODYARMOR Sports Nutrition continues to evaluate the landscape.

“We know the power of our brand and are confident that this will be just the start of our expansion to new countries and consumers all around the globe,” says Muyshondt. “We changed the game when it came to sports drinks and know that there are many consumers that continue to drink outdated formulas because it’s all that’s available to them. We will be changing that.”

For additional information about the international launch please visit:

*Numerator AMC L52wks 7/30/23

About BODYARMOR Sports Nutrition:

Leading the world of sports and active hydration with game-changing innovation, BODYARMOR Sports Nutrition (BASN) is on a mission to become #1 in Sports Hydration. Bringing together two iconic brands, BODYARMOR and POWERADE (respectively #2 and #3 in the sports drink category), BASN exudes an entrepreneurial culture backed by the resources and insights of one of the world’s most recognizable companies, The Coca-Cola Company, which fully acquired BODYARMOR in 2021.

BODYARMOR has been disrupting the world of Sports Hydration since 2011, offering a premium coconut water-based product, packed with electrolytes and antioxidants. Low in sodium and high in potassium, BODYARMOR Sports Drink contains natural flavors and sweeteners and no colours or dyes from artificial sources. BODYARMOR’s extended portfolio includes BODYARMOR LYTE, a low-calorie hydration drink and BODYARMOR SportWater, a premium high alkaline water with ph9+. Most recently, in 2023 BODYARMOR expanded its portfolio beyond sports drink with the launch of Flash I.V., a rapid rehydration drink with the optimal amount of carb/electrolyte ratio for faster and longer-lasting hydration that has great taste.

POWERADE was created in 1988 to ensure hardworking athletes have the hydration they need to keep putting in the work to raise their game. The brand re-launched in 2023 with a new visual identity, brand purpose and breakthrough formula that includes 50% more electrolytes vs. the leading sports drink.


Danielle Hughes
VP, Communications – BODYARMOR Sports Nutrition


Danielle Hughes
VP, Communications – BODYARMOR Sports Nutrition