OM1 to Expedite and Improve Research With New Study Automation Platform & Evidence Generation Solution

The automated and adaptable solution enables rapid and scalable retrospective and prospective, regulatory and non-regulatory, evidence generation

BOSTON--()--OM1, a leading real-world data and technology company with a focus on chronic conditions, today announced the launch of OM1 Aspen, its novel, automated study platform for evidence generation. OM1 Aspen is a comprehensive offering that is distinguished by the company’s proprietary data sourcing, processing, and enrichment technologies – including electronic medical records harmonization, image management, advanced medical text processing and linkage – to deliver a more efficient, cost-effective, and scalable approach to research.

Traditional research relies on extensive use of manual processes that are burdensome to healthcare providers and patients, driving biases in enrollment and delays in time to study completion and insights. As studies and registries increase in size to address more diverse and real-world populations, these problems are amplified. With automation as its guiding principle, OM1 Aspen is transforming research with flexible, reusable infrastructure; leveraging advanced data acquisition, processing, and linkage technologies; streamlining large studies; and creating powerful evidence networks. OM1 Aspen’s technology platforms approach to generating real-world data dramatically:

  • Shortens timelines to insights and evidence
  • Decreases provider burden and lowers costs
  • Reduces bias and increases patient diversity

In addition, OM1 Aspen meets the high bar required for using real-world data and generating real-world evidence for regulatory purposes, including being fit-for-purpose, transparent, and traceable. Notably, the automated and reusable network-based, platform approach allows researchers to quickly adapt and expand as needed. This effectively addresses the stakeholder and research needs of today, and those of the future, without the need to set up entirely new and disparate retrospective or prospective studies, registries, or programs.

OM1 Aspen enables custom data collection, processing, and linkage at scale but can be highly integrated with expert supportive services, such as protocol design and execution, recruitment, safety management, and data analytics.

"Data collection burden is a huge barrier to enabling larger, more inclusive and compliant studies and registries. Imagine how efficient, effective and successful we’d be if we could streamline processes, unite our data sources, and automate data collection," said Sonja Wustrack, Managing Director of Integrated Evidence Generation at OM1. "OM1 Aspen is doing just that, including for studies that submit data to regulators. Our largest sponsored program, running for more than seven years, includes more than one million patients and has demonstrated comparative effectiveness and value for different stakeholders, including numerous high-impact presentations and publications.”

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About OM1

With specialization in chronic conditions, OM1 is re-imagining real-world evidence and insights by developing large electronically connected networks of clinicians and health data in dermatology, rheumatology, gastroenterology, cardiology, metabolism, respiratory, mental health, neurology and other specialty areas. Leveraging its data automation platforms, OM1 Aspen, extensive clinical networks and artificial intelligence (AI) platform, PhenOM™, OM1 offers industry-leading enriched healthcare datasets, retrospective and prospective studies, advanced analytics, and AI-driven guidelines adherence and decision-support around diagnosis, risk management, and treatment. With a focus on high-quality data and clinical outcomes, the offerings are used for accelerating research, demonstrating treatment effectiveness, supporting regulatory submissions, monitoring safety, and informing commercialization.


Alyssa Horowitz


Alyssa Horowitz