Iterable Unveils New Global SMS Service and EU Data Center to Help Brands Accelerate Global Growth

LONDON--()--Iterable, a top rated AI-powered customer communication platform that helps brands activate data at scale, today unveiled its 2023 Summer Product Release at its exclusive Activate Tour event in London. In this release, Iterable introduced a range of innovative features, including Iterable Global SMS, Flexible Default Locales, and AI-Powered Frequency Management, that empower global brands like Volvo, Forbes, and Nando's to expand their global reach. Iterable also announced the opening of a new EU Data Center, ensuring EU-based and multinational brands can confidently build customer trust through enhanced compliance and data security.

"Designed with a strong emphasis on scalability, security, and personalization, the capabilities announced in our Summer Release empower businesses to expand their global presence, enhance engagement, and foster lasting loyalty with customers,” shared Andrew Boni, CEO and co-founder of Iterable. “With our powerful new features, marketers can effortlessly ensure that every message they send to their mobile-first customers are localized and optimized for timing and frequency. Our EU Data Center further enhances these capabilities, providing marketers the easiest and safest solution for connecting with global audiences at scale, enabling them to unlock new growth opportunities with confidence and maximize their global return on investment (ROI).”

With its Summer Product release, Iterable now offers marketers the easiest and most compliant solution to seamlessly connect with global audiences at scale, enabling them to maximize their global return on investment (ROI).

EU Data Center: Enhanced Data Security and Compliance

Data security and compliance are paramount concerns for brands. With this in mind, Iterable will offer regional data storage and processing within the European Union (EU). Leveraging Iterable’s EU Data Center, EU-based and multinational organizations can ensure they are operating at the highest levels of data security and compliance and adhering to local best practices, ultimately building customer trust and enhancing brand reputation.

“As a critical business partner, Iterable meets all our global and local communications and campaign needs,” said Jennifer Lang, former Chief Customer Officer at Secret Escapes. “Our customer data is now more scalable, powerful, and accurate as Iterable enhances customer engagement and our connections with each member.”

Increase Global Reach with Global SMS

SMS is a dynamic and rapidly growing channel that offers exceptional speed, engagement, and the potential to build loyalty with today's mobile-first consumers. Recognizing the power of this popular channel, Iterable provides a robust SMS solution that empowers modern marketers to generate more revenue and foster deeper relationships with customers through highly personalized text messaging campaigns. Iterable’s Global SMS takes things even further, allowing marketing to seamlessly and securely integrate SMS into cross-channel customer experiences across more than 30 countries worldwide. With the support of global compliance and acquisition tools, Global SMS relieves marketers from the burden of tracking country-specific regulations and regional requirements. Moreover, by leveraging the powerful short link building capabilities of Iterable SMS, marketers can effortlessly attribute SMS revenue and showcase their return on investment. In a time of economic uncertainty, Iterable's Global SMS delivers substantial returns for marketing teams and stands out as the most cost-effective SMS solution in the market.

AI-Powered Frequency Management: Optimize Engagement and Retention

Finding the optimal messaging frequency for customers has long been a challenge for marketers, but Iterable's new Frequency Management tool offers a game-changing solution. With its global capping and optimization capabilities, Frequency Management empowers marketers to efficiently manage send frequency across all messages and channels while personalizing the send experience based on individual customer preferences. This intelligent tool enables marketers to strategically control the timing and frequency of cross-channel campaigns, eliminating consumer message fatigue and significantly improving the ROI of every message sent. Unlike other solutions on the market, Iterable's AI-powered capabilities, including Frequency Management, allow marketers to optimize for each user, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach at the campaign level. This level of personalization creates a more engaging and impactful experience for customers, resulting in higher customer satisfaction, retention, and ultimately, driving revenue and results.

Flexible Default Locales: Individualization at Scale

To effectively market to a global audience, marketers must address the unique needs and preferences of customers in different countries and regions. Building on its competitive locales offering, Iterable introduced Flexible Default Locales, a solution that streamlines and expedites the process of creating personalized experiences for diverse global audiences. With Flexible Default Locales, marketers gain a new level of flexibility in configuring default locales per campaign or templates. By making changes to centralized templates, the need for individual updates across numerous campaigns is eliminated, saving marketers valuable time and resources. Leveraging the power of this new feature, marketers can ensure consistent delivery of localized content, resulting in exceptional customer experiences, strengthened loyalty, and increased engagement as their global reach expands.

“A huge Iterable highlight for us has been launching in new international markets — specifically Ireland and the Netherlands. We’ve been able to use locales to set up different language versions and tweak the content to suit different audiences,” shared Rosie Leeson, Marketing Executive at Butternut Box. “The results have been great — we now have separate teams in each market that can own their own communications in Iterable! Our long term goal with Iterable is to work towards having a totally holistic view of our customer experience, making sure that each of those journeys is harmonized and ensuring we have a really complete view of what’s going on for each individual customer, wherever they are located.”

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Iterable is the top rated AI-powered customer communication platform that enables brands like Doordash, Calm, Black and Decker and Zoopla to deliver joyful experiences with harmonized, individualized and dynamic communications at scale. Iterable's data engine, ease of use, and flexible and open architecture makes it the best platform to close the data activation gap by bringing together customer data, ability to design the experiences, deliver them and optimize them. All in one platform.


Media Contact:
Lauren Kopulsky
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

Release Summary

Iterable's 2023 Summer Product Release empowers brands with the simplest and most secure solution to connect with global audiences at scale.

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Media Contact:
Lauren Kopulsky
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications