PROTOSTAR Launches AI-Powered Consulting Services to Drive Sustainable and Equitable Energy Transition

Strategic Partnership Between PROTOSTAR and AJW Set to Empower Businesses in Navigating Sustainability Challenges and Accelerating a Decarbonized Economy


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AI-Powered Strategic Consulting to Drive a Sustainable and Equitable Energy Transition

LOS ANGELES--()--PROTOSTAR, a first-of-its-kind strategic consulting company, officially launches today with a commitment to synergize and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, equitable, and cleaner energy future. The firm specializes in providing expert guidance and strategic advice to companies, executives, and founders dedicated to developing breakthrough solutions to the world's most pressing problems, including, in particular, climate change.

The AI Advantage

Built on the foundation of a unique AI-enabled approach, PROTOSTAR constructs three fundamental pillars: (1) intelligently connecting the dots to identify innovative solutions, (2) devising actionable plans with strategic foresight, and (3) delivering tangible, measurable results that translate into business growth and success. This artificial intelligence foundation fundamentally distinguishes PROTOSTAR's comprehensive consulting services suite, including strategic brand and performance marketing, public relations, sales enablement, and government engagement. By harnessing the power of advanced analytical and generative AI, the firm revolutionizes how these services are executed.

The analytical AI, with its precise data-driven insights, serves as a powerful tool for comprehensive market and competitive analyses. It sifts through vast amounts of data to identify patterns and trends that may not be immediately apparent to human analysts. PROTOSTAR then translates this complex data and insights into actionable intelligence.

The generative AI fosters innovation and agility. It aids in rapid conceptualizing, allowing the firm to generate a multitude of strategies and ideas in a fraction of the time it would take traditionally. This iterative process helps in exploring a broad spectrum of solutions, optimizing the chances of identifying the most effective and efficient ones.

Importantly, PROTOSTAR's AI-enabled capabilities allow the firm to create highly personalized strategies that closely mirror each client's unique needs, objectives, and business environment. This commitment to understanding and addressing client-specific goals enables the company to deliver insightful, forward-thinking strategies that foster sustainable business growth and success. Leveraging the potency of artificial intelligence, PROTOSTAR delivers tangible, measurable results that drive progress and champion positive change.

The Founder

PROTOSTAR was founded and is led by Daniel Alvarez, a renowned connection builder, and marketing and sales leader with extensive experience in senior management roles across technology, renewable energy, and specialty retail sectors. Alvarez has advised some of the world's most influential founders and consulted for Fortune 500 organizations.

"PROTOSTAR is dedicated to accelerating the world's transition to a low-carbon economy and a more sustainable future," said Daniel Alvarez, Founder and CEO, PROTOSTAR. "By joining forces with innovators and entrepreneurs – along with local communities and governments – we will catalyze the adoption of transformative solutions to tackle the world's most urgent challenges."

Strategic Partnership with AJW

Building upon this foundation of innovation and commitment to sustainable change, PROTOSTAR is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with AJW, Inc., a leading energy transition policy firm, with offices in Washington D.C., Sacramento, CA, and New York City. This collaboration will enable PROTOSTAR to provide expanded government engagement, incentive optimization, and environmental market access to its customers, further enhancing its commitment to driving meaningful change and fostering innovation. By joining forces with AJW, PROTOSTAR will empower its clients to navigate complex policy and regulatory environments, access government funding, create compelling narratives for ESG investors, and, in short, accelerate their potential for success.

"We are delighted to partner with PROTOSTAR, a company that shares our commitment to driving innovation and addressing global challenges through strategic collaboration,” said Chris Hessler, Founding Partner, AJW. “Our combined expertise in government engagement, business strategy, and decarbonization solutions will empower PROTOSTAR's customers to navigate complex policy landscapes and market barriers to promote the adoption of breakthrough technologies. Together, we will accelerate a cleaner, more resilient, and equitable future for all."

Support from an Industry Innovator and Leader

“Idealab was founded to develop groundbreaking technology solutions that can solve big problems facing the world,” said Bill Gross, Founder and Chairman, Idealab. “In a similar spirit, Daniel has created PROTOSTAR to leverage both technology and his own unique industry expertise to support entrepreneurs who are committed to solving major challenges and, in doing so, help create a sustainable future. Having worked closely with Daniel at various Idealab portfolio companies and seen how he brings together talented teams to execute complex initiatives in a way that generates real, impactful results, I’m convinced that his new endeavor will be a singular success. I’m excited to see what the future holds for PROTOSTAR.”


PROTOSTAR is a first-of-its-kind strategic consulting company on a mission to catalyze the shift toward a more sustainable, equitable, and cleaner energy future. The firm uses a unique, AI-enabled approach to provide comprehensive services including strategic brand and performance marketing, public relations, sales enablement, and government engagement. PROTOSTAR collaborates with companies, executives, and founders dedicated to developing breakthrough solutions to the world's most pressing problems.

PROTOSTAR proudly supports next-generation carbon removal by contributing 2.5% of its revenue to Stripe Climate, a coalition of businesses dedicated to accelerating carbon removal.

For more information about PROTOSTAR and its services, please visit the company’s website at or contact


For two decades, AJW has helped cleantech leaders maximize the value of government policies and strengthen programs that support RD&D, deployment, and scale-up of groundbreaking climate solutions. The AJW team’s deep and diverse expertise helps government implement the market mechanisms, then primes innovators to blow past market barriers and exceed their strategic and profitability goals. Learn more at To start a conversation, contact



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PROTOSTAR, an AI-powered strategic consulting firm, launches to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and decarbonized energy future.

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