Spider-Man in Full Effect on Newegg’s ‘The Gamer Lounge’ Reality-Competition Show

Damien Haas (left) watches Elly Glitch play Marvel’s Spider-Man Revisited while sitting upside-down to adjust for the TV being flipped vertically. The new episode of “The Gamer Lounge” is now available on YouTube. (Photo: Business Wire)

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif.--()--Newegg Commerce, Inc. (NASDAQ: NEGG), a global e-commerce leader for technology products, today announced new episodes are available on YouTube for “The Gamer Lounge,” Newegg’s weekly hit short-form reality-competition series featuring contestants vying to win a video game-based competition.

The Gamer Lounge” features a revolving roster of over 30 top gaming influencers who have a combined 7 million followers on social media platforms. Each episode showcases a popular video game from a leading publisher.

Unique for a gaming competition, some episodes feature a single-player game and each contestant must take a turn trying to achieve an outcome or thwarting the next player who will be resuming that same game.

In this week’s episode, participants battle in the popular PlayStation®5 game Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered following the new Spider-Man animated film release, the No. 1 box office movie in North America last weekend. However, true to the nature of “The Gamer Lounge,” where unique challenges elevate the competition, contestants face an added twist. The TV is flipped vertically, as an homage to Spider-Man’s signature upside-down pose when web dangling. Some contestants, in an attempt to adapt to the vertically reversed controls, sit upside down on a sofa.

Watch this week’s episode on YouTube: https://newegg.io/spider-man_gamer_lounge

Produced by Newegg Media, “The Gamer Lounge” is an independent online video series, capturing the humor and excitement of popular independent video channels that create engaging weekly content and promotional videos for YouTube. As the show has gained popularity and increased views, top global sponsors like Intel and Xbox have supported it.

“The Gamer Lounge” is intended to entertain audiences as they watch some of their favorite creators playing popular video games. The show also is an opportunity for top-tier brand sponsors to promote their products to a passionate audience eager to spend on brands that match their interests.

Upcoming episodes will include Super Mario™ 3D World and Mario Kart: Double Dash!!.

In recent episodes, “The Gamer Lounge” showcased exciting challenges, including players racing through The Legend of Zelda™: Tears of the Kingdom and two-person teams navigating the co-op mode of Portal 2. In a unique spin for Portal 2, one player was blindfolded while their teammate provided verbal instructions. Another interesting episode had players teeing off against each other in a competitive game of Mario Golf™: Super Rush.

Interspersed during each 15–20-minute episode are “talking head” interviews that enable contestants to share their perspectives to give viewers more insight.

“’The Gamer Lounge’ is so much fun for the contestants. Their enthusiasm and occasional frustration create a lot of entertaining and unpredictable scenarios,” said Ethan Weiser, Lead Studio Producer for Newegg Media. “Every week sees a new, exciting episode featuring outgoing contestants, well known video games or PC games and massive entertainment for the audience. We also keep bringing on some of the most familiar influencers with huge fan followings.”

To learn more about “The Gamer Lounge” and catch up on episodes, visit its website.

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Eric Wein
Newegg Commerce Inc.

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Newegg launches new episodes of "The Gamer Lounge," a series on YouTube. Contestants compete in video game challenges with unique twists.


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Eric Wein
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