Massachusetts Innovation Network Announces its 2023 Eddies Finalists

BURLINGTON, Mass.--()--Massachusetts Innovation Network has announced the finalists for its signature innovation competition, The Eddies. Finalists will have the chance to participate in this 5-month, no-cost, no-equity innovation-boosting program that includes high-touch, tailor-made mentoring, connections to funding resources, and visibility opportunities.

The Eddies (formerly known as NE Innovation Awards) is the oldest innovation competition in the area, turning 37 this year. It is open to all small- and medium-sized NE-based startups, with ground-breaking products or technologies. Finalists are selected by a group of independent judges, who evaluate the teams on their innovation disruption and prospect to affect positive change for their users, industries, and markets. The top scoring teams per innovation track make it to the final round of the competition.


3D Architech

low-cost proprietary 3D (gel-based) printing technology that improves design flexibility, sustainability, and versatility of metal manufacturing.

Guardian Agriculture

the only autonomous, electric aerial crop detection systems designed specifically for large scale agriculture.


AI-guided technologies to separate waste in non-industrial settings, like universities, stadiums, and rural areas.



revolutionary AI simulating the 3D structure and function of viruses and generating their digital twin, which can be used to destruct the virus.

Piction Health

virtual, first dermatology practice now accepting new patients in MA; it utilizes AI to enable dermatologists to manage 15X more patients.

Tatum Robotics

anthropomorphic robotic system for tactile sign languages—the primary and often only communication method of millions of DeafBlind individuals.


zero-power sensors, that know when to use battery, thus extending their lifetime and minimizing the need for battery replacement.


20/20 onsite

expanding access to vision care for all, by bringing eye care directly to patients through a fleet of mobile clinics - from primary care to decentralized clinical trials.

RT MicroDX

the first over-the-counter molecular test for strep that can be administered from the comfort of one's home.

Smart Hygiene

Enabling seniors, the disabled, and patients use the bathroom independently, safely, and with dignity.



solid state battery for implantable medical devices; the first application is in a fully internal cochlear implant (FICI).

OrthoKinetic Track

AI-based wearable device for tracking joint kinematics and muscle activity of patients with joint disorders or injuries.

Venova Technologies

novel non-hormonal female contraceptive device designed to be long-acting and side-effect-free.


Intelon Optics

Optical scanner system enabling non-invasive, next generation point-by-point biomechanical imaging of living tissue and cell structures in eye care and fertility.


rapid, self-administered, AI-guided, vision diagnostics.


Election Bridge

civic network platform empowering nonprofits to reshape their interaction with government and revolutionize member-driven civic engagement for greater community impact.


AI-enabled chronic condition management platform that engages patients to power their health while offering healthcare providers insights from sub-episodic health data.

Whooz Cooking

platform offering home-cooked meals from around the world, and with a choice from a wide variety of cooks .



revolutionizing the pediatric hospital experience through treatment gamification, and virtual patient-bridge connections.


temperature-sensing device that will provide patients with alerts as well as drug facts, enabling them to safely store and use their medications.

Stronger Trees

a feeding or IV bag holder that gives its users autonomy in movement and discretion in the form of a funky looking accessory.

Prescrip Time

(not competing) WPI student team with a novel technology to help users remember their medications through a locking, timed prescription cap that connects to a phone app and provides alerts when the medication needs to be taken.

All Finalists will demonstrate their Innovation and deliver a in-person to Judges and members of the Innovation Ecosystem, at The Eddies Innovation Showcase on Wednesday, October 4th. Recognition for all teams, celebration of the season and award announcements will be made at The Eddies Evening of Innovation on Wednesday, November 8th.

The MassInnoV team congratulates all finalists on their achievements and looks forward to working with them over the next few months!


Sophia Kambanis


Sophia Kambanis