CentralSquare Announces 2023 ENGAGE Award Winners

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--()--CentralSquare Technologies, an industry leader in public sector technology, announced the winners of the inaugural ENGAGE Awards. The awards were created to recognize public sector agencies utilizing technology to best serve their communities and civilians, demonstrating a deep commitment to improving safety through technology.

"We understand that our customers are facing huge challenges, including staffing shortages and minimal funding for technology advancements. Despite those headwinds, we are proud that our 8,000 agencies are overcoming obstacles and experiencing remarkable achievements and significant progress in safety, community engagement, collaboration, innovation and resourcefulness," said Tim Boyle, Chief Customer Officer, CentralSquare. “It is an honor to stand alongside the CentralSquare ENGAGE winners to recognize their commitment to communities and advancing technology that helps transform services for their citizens, save lives, protect themselves and do this all more efficiently and effectively.”

The 2023 ENGAGE Awards were announced at this year’s ENGAGE user-community conference in Nashville, Tennessee, with over 2,000 customers and partners in attendance. Customers nominated themselves or others for awards in five categories. Winners were selected by a panel of CentralSquare Technologies industry experts.

  • Smart Community Award: City of Modesto, California (Building Safety Division)

The City of Modesto's Building Safety Division implemented a streamlined process where photovoltaic (PV) projects reviewed by the SolarAPP+ program could be instantly issued through CentralSquare's TRAKiT permitting system. This integration has significantly reduced the plan check time for PV reviews from an average of 15-60 minutes to zero. In 2022, Modesto issued 270 SolarAPP+ permits, saving approximately 135 hours of staff time and expediting renewable energy adoption. This set the standard for California jurisdictions, who now have a requirement to have an equivalent system in place.

  • Smart Safety Award: Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office, North Carolina

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) has demonstrated exceptional leadership by implementing the CentralSquare Pro Suite to create a centralized public safety platform for over 40 agencies in the county. The software's data-sharing capabilities enable real-time access and sharing of crucial information like criminal records, bulletins, and dispatch logs. This has eliminated the need for time-consuming data requests and duplication efforts. BCSO exemplifies the significance of collaboration in public safety, as it has successfully fostered stronger relationships among multiple agencies, leading to increased trust, communication, and interoperability as peers.

  • Innovation Award: Jeffcom 911, Jefferson County, Colorado

Jeffcom 911 has showcased a commitment to enhancing operations and customer service through the successful implementation of three major initiatives using CentralSquare products to reduce call volume and improve service levels. These initiatives include direct-to-CAD online reporting for non-emergency matters, collaboration with area fire departments through CAD-to-CAD integration and offering remote call-taking options for staff. These innovations have resulted in a significant reduction in administrative calls, improved response times, and an increase in applications for open positions.

  • User Group Award: U.S. Best of the West User Group

The U.S. Best of the West User Group was established in August 2022 as a CentralSquare Community Development user group. Its purpose is to encourage members to share best practices, collaborate on issues and benefit from each other's expertise. The CentralSquare team provides support, facilitates presentations and has developed a customer portal that has drawn attention and attracted new members from across the country. The group has grown significantly from its beginning and now has 25 members across five states, fostering a strong sense of community among users.

  • Excellence in Resourcefulness Award: Johnson County, Kansas (AIMS Division)

Johnson County has been using CentralSquare Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) since 1999 and has expanded its usage across 13 departments. The AIMS GIS Team successfully migrated 11 departments from a previous EAM software to CentralSquare EAM, saving the county approximately $45,000 per year in subscription costs and benefiting taxpayers. As the largest county in KS, Johnson had to migrate over 10,000 assets and a growing user base. Using the CentralSquare EAM, Johnson has been successful in resource and financial planning, which has contributed to the county’s status as one of the top counties in Kansas to live in.

CentralSquare's ENGAGE 2024 is coming to Dallas, Texas, from May 5-8. The second annual ENGAGE Awards will be held to honor and celebrate the achievements of CentralSquare's customers. For more information: https://engage.centralsquare.com/

About CentralSquare Technologies:

CentralSquare Technologies is the largest independent public sector software provider that powers all aspects of managing local government to build smarter and safer communities. Public sectors across North America use CentralSquare to enable efficiencies and a seamless end-to-end integrated experience by using innovative, cloud-based solutions and automation. CentralSquare’s scalable technology helps state and local agencies thrive operationally, even during states of emergency in public safety when every second counts. Its intuitive enterprise software also includes user-friendly platforms to support public administration agencies with finance, asset, compliance, case management and much more to drive better public experiences.

As the market driver for advancing safety and justice with innovative technology, CentralSquare serves 3 out 4 citizens across North America. The company is headquartered in Lake Mary, FL and has locations in North Carolina, South Dakota and British Columbia. More information is available at CentralSquare.com.


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