Thesis, the First High Quality and Customized Nootropics Solution, Raises Total of $13.5 Million in Funding

Unilever Ventures is the Largest Investor in Seed and Series A Rounds

Thesis (Photo: Business Wire)

NEW YORK--()--Thesis, the company that offers a customized approach to cognitive performance products based on your unique brain chemistry, today announced that it has raised over $13.5 million in funding. The company recently closed on a Series A round totaling $8.4 million with investors that included Unilever Ventures, Redo Ventures, Alive VC, Break Trail, NBA superstar Kevin Love and model Kate Bock. Previously the company raised $5.1 million in an undisclosed seed round that included Unilever Ventures, MBX, Trust Ventures and Redo Ventures.

Thesis recognizes that nootropics are not a one-size-fits-all wellness category. Through the highest quality ingredients and a customized approach, the brand helps people effectively boost their cognition & productivity.

“Nootropics have helped me a great deal, as someone who originally struggled in school and who eventually went on to graduate from some of the world’s most prestigious universities. I spent a significant amount of time learning about these compounds and finding the blend that worked for me. It shouldn’t be so hard,” said Dan Freed, founder and CEO of Thesis. “I created Thesis products for people who feel that they might not be living up to their full potential and want a real solution to close the gap.”

Rachel Harris, Partner at Unilever Ventures said, “In today’s 'always on' world, consumers are increasingly looking for solutions to optimize their mental acuity and the demand for products that allow you to perform at your best has never been greater. With Thesis’s customized offering, education-focused and digital-first model rooted in a highly compelling founder story, we have been impressed by Dan’s vision and the exacting standards that he is setting for the brand. We are excited to support him on the next chapter of the business’s growth.”

“I am excited to be part of Dan’s vision of customized health and wellness solutions. Thesis is defining a new wellness category and reshaping how people approach brain care," said Michael Lynton, Thesis Board Director.

The new capital will support Thesis as it makes key executive hires, expands out its product selection and undergoes clinical trials.

Thesis products are formulated with clinically studied active ingredients with the highest possible bioavailability and adhere to the FDA Current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP).

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About Thesis:

Thesis offers potent nutrient compounds formulated to enhance mental performance, based on your unique brain chemistry and the cognitive states you want to achieve. Whether taking the Energy Formula to overcome fatigue, the Clarity Formula to enter a flow state, or the Motivation Formula to decrease procrastination, Thesis offers these specific blends and more to target specific outcomes.