Fi, the Smart Dog Technology Company, Announces Latest Update – Live Tracking

With This New Update, the Fi Series 3 Now Reports a Dog's Location in Seconds, Setting the New Standard of Best-in-Class GPS and Cellular Communication

Fi Series 3 (Photo: Business Wire)

NEW YORK--()--In a lost dog situation every second counts, and as of today, all Fi Series 3 members have access to this feature. Live Tracking is a powerful improvement that will directly result in owners recovering their dogs faster and helping them live longer, healthier lives.

Jonathan Bensamoun, the co-founder and CEO of Fi, said, “We recently launched our most advanced collar, the Fi Series 3, and alongside several other upgrades, we incorporated new hardware that made Live Tracking possible. This has been a massive project for our team for the past year. Since we launched Fi in 2019, we have reunited tens of thousands of dogs with their owners. We are committed to providing cutting-edge technology and tools to support Fi members to be the best possible dog parents.”

About Lost Dog Mode: Lost Dog Mode is a critical feature that allows owners to very precisely track their dogs when they escape. Once Lost Dog Mode is turned on, the Fi collar will increase the frequency at which it reports its location, providing real-time updates of the dog’s location, to help the owner quickly reunite with their dog.

About Fi Series 3: The Fi Series 3 is a significant upgrade from its predecessor – smarter, smaller, and stronger. It’s ergonomically designed to be worn by dogs, every day, in any condition without wearing out. It’s 50% smaller than the Series 2 – it’s light and comfortable for dogs of all sizes. While the size was reduced, the strength and durability of the module increased. The device is encased in stainless steel, can withstand 400 lbs of pull force, and is waterproof IP68 & IP66K rated. Fi increased their LTE signal sensitivity by 200%, ensuring coverage for even the most remote dogs in their pack. Most importantly, Fi achieved these upgrades without compromising the performance of their industry-leading battery life.

With hundreds of thousands of dogs wearing Fi devices every day, Fi continues to learn and grow. Fi passes those invaluable insights back to its members via the Fi app. Join the Fi pack today and experience the future of pet care,

About Fi

Founded by Jonathan Bensamoun (Square) and Loren Kirkby (Dropcam, Google/Nest) in 2017, Fi builds cutting-edge technology to elevate the relationship between dog parents and their dogs. Since launching the first GPS-enabled tracking collar in 2019, Fi has empowered millions of dog parents with insights about their dogs’ whereabouts and behavior. Allowing dog owners to locate their dogs from anywhere in the world, Fi has saved thousands of dogs' lives by providing real-time escape notifications and accurate GPS tracking to dog parents. The Fi smart collar also enables parents to monitor the health of their dogs and compare their activity to other dogs on the Fi network. With Fi, dog parents ensure their best friends live their best lives.


Release Summary

The Fi Series 3 can now report a dog's location in seconds, setting the new standard of best-in-class GPS and cellular communication.

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