InductEV Partners with ChargePoint to Expand High-Powered Wireless EV Charging Solutions

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa.--()--InductEV, the leading AI powered wireless EV charging platform for high-power vehicles, today announced a strategic partnership with ChargePoint, a leading EV charging network, to expand the availability of high-powered wireless EV charging solutions across the United States.

InductEV's technology can deliver up to 450kW of high power transmission and the partnership aims to help private and public operators of transit and commercial vehicles power their fleets by providing efficient wireless charging solutions.

The partnership will focus on developing high-speed wireless charging infrastructure on a large scale, with the economic and operational needs of fleets in mind. By combining InductEV's expertise in wireless charging solutions with ChargePoint's extensive network of charging stations and advanced fleet charging software, the partnership aims to provide more convenient and reliable charging options for EV drivers in fleet and commercial applications.

"We are excited to partner with ChargePoint to expand the availability of our high-powered wireless EV charging solutions," said Brandon Anulewicz, Chief Revenue Officer of InductEV. "This partnership will allow us to reach a wider audience and help more organizations power their fleets with our efficient and reliable wireless technology."

“Electric fleets will continue to adopt charging technology that delivers the lower total cost of ownership (TCO) benefit of moving to electric vehicles,” said Rich Mohr, vice president, fleet, at ChargePoint. “Together, InductEV and ChargePoint will provide integrated software and hardware solutions for fleets looking to maximize their TCO advantage.

For more information on this partnership, visit the InductEV and ChargePoint websites.


Founded in 2009 (as Momentum Dynamics) InductEV designs and commercializes fully automated inductive (wireless) charging systems for all types of electric vehicles, including buses, shuttles, light and heavy trucks and passenger vehicles. InductEV's mission is to electrify and decarbonize the commercial fleets of the future. The Company's systems enable unattended, hands-free charging with proprietary intelligent systems to optimize fleet energy management. For commercial vehicles, the simplicity of the InductEV system allows vehicles to charge while they are in use, avoiding the hours of vehicle downtime associated with traditional plug-in charging systems, and creating a safer, better charging experience.


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InductEV Partners with ChargePoint to accelerate delivery of high power wireless charging for fleet operators

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