Hai Robotics Wins Innovation Award for Existing Product at Promat 2023

FREMONT, Calif.--()--Hai Robotics, a leading provider of intelligent automated warehousing solutions, has won the MHI Innovation Award for Best Innovation of an Existing Product for their A42T Autonomous Case-handling Robot (ACR). This prestigious award was announced at ProMat 2023, held in Chicago, on Wednesday, March 22nd.

The MHI Innovation Award recognizes Hai Robotics for their groundbreaking work in developing advanced equipment for automated storage and retrieval solutions (ASRS) and recognizes the company's commitment to advancing their customer’s success with innovative and cutting-edge technology.

The A42T ACR is the first goods-to-person equipment that extends upward allowing facilities to store items up to 10m (32+ feet) high, while remaining independent of any storage medium. It is highly intelligent, able to handle most totes or container sizes and types, even cardboard boxes, on standard industry shelving structures. Comparable systems often require unique and expensive custom precision structures with limited tote options to function, but the A42T ACR is a revolutionary robotic design, freeing facilities of the old rigid ASRS constructs. This robot provides maximum system flexibility typically seen with AMR or AGV technology while allowing facilities to obtain modern warehouse density with maximum use of vertical storage.

This award is a testament to Hai Robotics’ dedication to excellence and its ability to deliver intelligent automation solutions that help businesses increase efficiency, reduce costs, reduce storage footprint, and improve overall productivity.

"We are thrilled to have won the Innovation Award at ProMat 2023," said Brian Zheng, CEO of Hai Robotics USA. "This award is a recognition of our team's hard work, dedication, and commitment to driving innovation in the industry. We are proud to be at the forefront of intelligent warehouse automation and are committed to delivering advanced solutions that help our customers stay ahead of the game."

The ProMat 2023 event brought together many thousands of industry experts, professionals, and businesses from around the world to showcase the latest technologies, products, and solutions in the field of automation and material handling. The event is an excellent opportunity for attendees to explore new technologies. Visitors were able to witness the A42T ACR live where it demonstrated 32-foot-high tote picks from one of the tallest structures built at the event.

"We are honored to have received this prestigious award, and we thank MHI for hosting such an exceptional event," said Rebecca Lennartz, Director of Marketing for Hai Robotics USA. "We look forward to continuing to drive innovation in the industry and helping businesses achieve their automation goals."

About HAI Robotics

Hai Robotics is a leading global provider of intelligent automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS). Their ASRS solutions provide modern storage density, reducing their customer’s storage footprints up to 75%, increasing workflow efficiency gains up to 4x, maximizing order pick accuracy to 99.9+%, and improving daily orders fulfilled rate over 170%.

Their Autonomous Case-handling Robots (ACR) are the key equipment in their systems. These robots maximize the use of vertical space, managing the storage of goods 32+ feet high. Their solutions are independent of any storage medium so the ASRS can be built using almost any standard racking structure, and the equipment manages most kinds and sizes of bins, trays, cardboard cartons, and a variety of containers and materials.

Hai Robotics provides intelligent ASRS solutions made for real world applications.

To know more about Hai Robotics and their A42T ACR, visit their website at https://www.hairobotics.com/