King and Pierce County Activate Extra Patrols for Impaired Drivers over St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Regional Target Zero Traffic Safety Task Forces urge people to make a plan before they party

SEATTLE--()--In order to ensure the safety of local roadways during St. Patrick’s Day weekend, the King County and Pierce County Target Zero Traffic Safety Task Forces have announced the deployment of High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) patrols between March 17-19. The HVE patrols will be on the lookout for drivers under the influence, and authorities are encouraging partygoers to take action against impaired driving before it happens.

Studies have shown that most Washingtonians avoid and take action against impaired driving. In fact, 71% of people don’t drink and drive, and 81% report intervening for others when needed. However, substances are still the most common factor in deadly crashes. Washington experienced 231 deaths related to impaired driving in 2019, 57 of which were during St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

“Washington’s impaired driving numbers have been steadily decreasing, which is great, but we still have a way to go until we hit zero,” said Sara Wood, Target Zero Manager, South King County. “We urge everyone to be proactive with their safety this weekend, and don’t be afraid to step in for someone else. We all play a role in keeping our roadways safe.”

During this St. Patrick’s Day weekend, people can keep roads safe by:

  • Using a taxi, rideshare or designated driver
  • Taking public transportation
  • Spending the night or offering a couch to others
  • Leaving cars at home
  • Engaging others to help stop drunk driving, including calling 911

Roadway safety is a top priority for the King County Target Zero Traffic Safety Task Force and the WTSC. Those arrested for DUI can expect fines of at least $10,000 and will also have to pay attorney’s fees, fines, court costs, lost time at work, higher insurance rates, car towing and repairs, and more.

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Extra patrols are partially funded by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission with the coordination of the King County and Pierce County Target Zero Task Forces. The Task Forces bring together representatives from law enforcement, public health, health and human services, transportation and community organizations to coordinate traffic safety campaigns throughout King County. The Task Forces focus on working collaboratively with traffic safety and community partners to create equitable traffic safety programs to reduce collisions, injuries, and fatalities in King County and Pierce County, WA.

Contacts, 253-856-5856, 206-557-4309

Contacts, 253-856-5856, 206-557-4309