Nobl9 Introduces Service Level Analyzer to Automate Reliability and Performance Objectives

New capabilities provide more visibility into data; create new Service Level Objectives (SLOs) in one click

WALTHAM, Mass.--()--Nobl9, the service level observability company, today announced Service Level Analyzer. The new product allows the creation of Service Level Objectives (SLOs) in one-click using metrics and observability data from 24+ popular tools, including Prometheus, Datadog, New Relic, Dynatrace, Google Cloud Monitoring, Amazon Cloud Watch, Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus, Splunk, and many more.

“For over three years we’ve worked with organizations to improve their reliability and save them money by implementing Service Level Objectives (SLOs). We’ve seen ‘the blank spreadsheet’ come up as an obstacle to widespread internal adoption of SLOs,” said Brian Singer, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Nobl9. “With the Service Level Analyzer, users immediately build meaningful, useful SLOs using past incidents and trends. The concepts behind SLOs become accessible to a much broader audience.”

Instantly Analyze Observability Data to Set Reliability Goals

Understanding what reliability target to choose is difficult. It requires understanding how a system performed over the past month or year. Customers normally will create an SLO and adjust the targets every few weeks as they better understand their system.

With Service Level Analyzer, users can retrieve their historical data, set reliability targets and see how the system performed. Users can easily tweak the targets and view updated error budgets and error budget burn down. Once the right target is determined using the existing data, a new SLO can be immediately created in one click.

New capabilities allow users to:

  • Create meaningful objectives in a couple of clicks based on real incident data;
  • Perform quick “what-if” analysis to test out the impact of different targets and thresholds on error budgets; and,
  • Quickly develop a better understanding of how incidents impact the customer experience.

“Companies often require clear data to understand potential customer impact from application and infrastructure issues, and Service Level Analyzer from Nobl9 provides actionable insights for organizations to optimize actions,” said Paul Nashawaty, principal analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “The use of historical data to create ‘what if’ scenarios and see what would have occurred using real data can provide organizations to set their SLOs, making them more proactive and productive.”

“SLOs are an important part of measuring and ensuring the reliability of our services, as well as a critical benefit for our enterprise customers,” said Patrick Jean, Chief Technology Officer of OutSystems. "The Service Level Analyzer capability from Nobl9 allows us to quickly analyze our metrics and set targets based on real historical data, and drive greater results while increasing efficiency.”

Product Availability

Service Level Analyzer is now available to all existing Nobl9 customers. New customers to Nobl9 can sign up for a free at

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About Nobl9

Nobl9 is the first service level observability platform that adds business context to software delivery. Global Enterprises in the financial services, ecommerce, and SaaS industries such as Flexera, OutSystems, Procore, ServiceNow, Ticketmaster and Trusted Shops choose Nobl9 to accelerate engineering, set clear software reliability goals, and ensure end user happiness. Nobl9 enriches data from popular enterprise observability systems and fits into developer workflows using popular DevOps and collaboration tools. Nobl9 is backed by Battery Ventures, Bonfire, Cisco Investments, CRV, Harmony Partners, Resolute, ServiceNow and Sorenson Capital. Learn more at


Heather Fitzsimmons
Mindshare PR


Heather Fitzsimmons
Mindshare PR