MIR4 Celebrates ‘Sweet Flutter of Love’ Event!

  • Various events began on February 7th with opportunities to obtain many items
  • Release of new raid ‘Forgotten Arena’ and boss raid ‘Heavenly Asura’
  • ‘Redhorn Komet’ updated: new Spirit that increases Physical Attack


MIR4 begins the ‘Sweet Flutter of Love’ event from February 7 (Graphic: Wemade)

SEOUL, South Korea--()--Wemade’s blockbuster MMORPG MIR4 began the ‘Sweet Flutter of Love’ event on February 7th.

First, the ‘Sweet 14-day Check-in Event’ will take place until March 6th. Users can obtain ‘Epic Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone’, ‘Legendary Blue Dragon Statue’ and more rewards depending on the number of days they’ve checked in.

And ‘Cupid Biyoho’s Red Bean Jelly Exchange Shop’ will be open until February 20th. Users can visit the NPC ‘[Cupid] Biyoho’ in a big city to exchange the ‘Red Bean Jelly’ obtained from hunting with 4 types of gift boxes that contain various items such as ‘Summon Tickets’, ‘Enhancement Stones’, and more.

MIR4 released a new raid, ‘Forgotten Arena’, with this update. In ‘Forgotten Arena’, monsters spawning in many areas as well as the boss monster ‘Warswine King’ must be defeated. 5 characters can group up to participate in the raid to obtain ‘Legendary Darkened Enhancement Stone’, ‘Epic Divine Dragon’s Enhancement Stone’, and ‘Legendary Blue Dragon Statue’, as rewards for clearing the raid for their first time.

A new boss raid ‘Heavenly Asura’ has also been released. ‘Heavenly Asura’ is the 11th new boss and requires the cooperation of 15 users to defeat. This boss wields mightier powers such as reducing users’ Physical Defense and Spell Defense for a set amount of time and summoning the Bell of Destruction and Bell of Restoration.

A new Epic Spirit ‘Redhorn Komet’ has also been added. It is an Earth Spirit that increases its owner’s Physical Attack, and increases Antidemon power and Hunting EXP Boost when it is in use.

And, on February 21st, the Max. Level of Magic Square and Secret Peak in Portal will be increased.

From My Battle, To Our War! Detailed information on MIR4 can be found on the official website.

MIR4 Official website: https://mir4global.com/
MIR4 Official Community: https://forum.mir4global.com/


Wemade Co., Ltd. (112040: KOSDAQ)
Jennifer Jung, PR Manager

Release Summary

MIR4 begins the 'Sweet Flutter of Love' event, providing opportunities to obtain items and revealing new raids and spirit updates.

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Wemade Co., Ltd. (112040: KOSDAQ)
Jennifer Jung, PR Manager