Ninetailed Raises €5M to Build the Data-Driven Experience Layer of Composable Architecture

BERLIN--()--Ninetailed, a Berlin-based startup specializing in personalization and experimentation for the modern tech stack, has raised €5M in funding led by Mosaic Ventures and Cherry Ventures. The round is complemented by First Momentum Ventures and leading angel investors. The boost in fresh capital fuels Ninetailed to further double down on creating interactive experiences and value for clients and end customers by activating customer and content data for the web, commerce, and beyond.

With this investment, Ninetailed plans to expand its team, add new technology and solution partners to its network along with Contentful, Hygraph, Stackbit, Storyblok, Orium, and Apply Digital, and continue developing the experience layer of the composable architecture.

We are democratizing personalization and enabling teams to create and deliver personalization and experimentation without long integration time into their composable stack and first-party data. Developers and creatives get the full power of blazing-fast personalization and experimentation through our flexible APIs, SDKs, and connections,” said CEO Andy Kaiser.

Ninetailed was born from the team’s prior experiences in enterprise CMS, API-first services, and digital experiences and the barriers to accessing and integrating headless personalization tools.

Ninetailed’s initial offering is an experience layer of composable MACH architecture that enables anyone to personalize, test, and optimize the digital customer experience. The MACH-first approach enables Ninetailed to integrate seamlessly with the modern tech stack to create instant experiences without compromising performance. It also allows businesses to define data-driven experiences within their headless CMS workflow in a no-code environment.

“Although technology has reshaped many aspects of marketing, the explosion of customer experience solutions has not been accompanied by parallel progress in further empowering developers to create and manage modern composable architectures. With this funding, we'll take our technology to the next level and make the experience layer of the MACH architecture the industry standard for customer experience,” said Kaiser.

“The commerce stack has evolved significantly over the past several years with the composable architecture and rendering at the edge. Ninetailed is fully seizing this opportunity and creating an experience that was impossible before, delivering a superior experience and value for customers and consumers,” says Thomas Lueke, Partner at Cherry Ventures. “It is impressive that the team has already been able to close significant customers in its first year, from startups to Fortune 500 companies in a range of industries, including B2B SaaS, FMCG, e-commerce, and FinTech, and we are excited to continue our support”.

Bart Dessaint, Partner at Mosaic Ventures, says, “Hyper-personalized user journeys are a key driver of conversion and the new grail for any company engaging its customers online. From e-commerce to SaaS, building dynamic pages today requires manually pooling data from multiple systems of record, from headless CMSs to CRMs, by way of commerce platforms and CDPs; a painful and expensive process. The future of customer experiences is here with Ninetailed’s unifying API for a seamlessly integrated backend, the fastest integration time in the market, low latency via rendering at the edge, and an elegant GUI to run experiments.”

About Ninetailed
Ninetailed is an API-first personalization and experimentation solution that creates instant experiences to optimize the customer journey without performance trade-offs for composable architecture.

About Mosaic Ventures
Mosaic Ventures is a leading early-stage venture capital firm led by partners who worked in leading Silicon Valley startups investing $1-10M early in founders.

About Cherry Ventures
Cherry Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm led by a team of entrepreneurs with experience building fast-scaling companies such as Zalando and Spotify.


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