GO! SOLUTIONS Launches Two New Categories to Expand Functional Recipe Options for Cats and Dogs

GO! SOLUTIONS, a Petcurean flagship brand, introduces four new premium recipes across North America to support the unique dietary needs of cats and dogs

CHILLIWACK, British Columbia--()--GO! SOLUTIONS®, a Petcurean premium flagship brand, is excited to announce the addition of two new dry food categories for cats and dogs to their existing solutions-based collection: GO! SOLUTIONS WEIGHT MANAGEMENT + JOINT CARE and GO! SOLUTIONS DIGESTION + GUT HEALTH. Each new GO! SOLUTIONS category includes one dry cat food recipe and one dry dog food recipe, further expanding their line of premium quality, solutions-oriented pet food. The new recipes are designed to meet consumer demand for functional recipes by giving pet parents even more solutions to address common dietary needs and preferences.

The new recipes are:

Research from Packaged Facts’ report on Pet Food in the U.S., 15th Edition (July 2020) shows that consumer demand for functional food is increasing. The study shows that in the 12 months prior, 13% of dog owners and 18% of cat owners switched to a weight management formula and nine per cent of cat owners and 15% of dog owners switched to recipes specifically addressing digestive health issues, marking a notable increased demand for specialized recipes. The four new GO! SOLUTIONS recipes provide high-quality options that support these emerging health and dietary issues, while meeting the consumer demand for functional recipes.

Functional nutrition can be so beneficial to keeping our pets healthy and happy. Our nutrition team formulated GO! SOLUTIONS to help pet parents support many common health and dietary concerns including food sensitivities, healthy skin and coat, and strong muscle development,” says Anabel Immega, North America Marketing Manager, Petcurean. “We are thrilled to add to our existing solutions-oriented collection by offering additional recipes that support good digestion, weight control and healthy joints. And, we remain unwavering in our commitment to support pets and pet parents in need of relief, by providing a wide variety of complete and balanced recipes carefully tailored to support specific dietary needs.”

Formulated by Petcurean’s expert nutrition team, the new recipes provide complete and balanced nutrition featuring premium quality, functional ingredients, with zero by-product meals and artificial preservatives.

GO! WEIGHT MANAGEMENT + JOINT CARE recipes are formulated with controlled fat and functional ingredients to support a healthy weight and mobile joints in adult and senior dogs and cats. Recipe highlights include:

  • Fibre-rich psyllium husk and flaxseed to keep pets satiated for longer between meals
  • L-carnitine to support heart health and burn fat into energy
  • Inclusion of supplemental glucosamine and chondroitin in the recipe for dogs, and chicken cartilage (a natural source of chondroitin) in the recipe for cats to support healthy joints and mobility

GO! DIGESTION + GUT HEALTH recipes are formulated with nutrient-rich ancient grains and functional ingredients to support a healthy gut microbiome and good digestion in dogs and cats of all life stages. Recipe highlights include:

  • Prebiotics from dried chicory root and a unique three-yeast blend to support a healthy gut microbiome
  • Unique, patented probiotic bacteria designed to survive the digestive tract and support good digestion
  • Fibre-rich ancient grains and psyllium husk to support healthy, well-formed stool

With the addition of these two new categories, the GO! SOLUTIONS collection now includes:

  • New: DIGESTION + GUT HEALTH: Ancient-grain solutions for dogs and cats to support the gut microbiome and healthy digestion.
  • New: WEIGHT MANAGEMENT + JOINT CARE: Controlled fat solutions for dogs and cats to support healthy weight and joints.
  • SKIN + COAT CARE: Whole-grain and grain-free solutions for dogs and cats to support healthy skin and shiny coats.
  • SENSITIVITIES: Limited ingredient solutions to support dogs and cats with food sensitivities or intolerances
  • CARNIVORE: Protein-rich solutions for dogs and cats to support strong, lean muscles.

The new recipes for dogs are available in three bag sizes: 3.5-pound, 12-pound, and 22-pound bags. Recipes for cats are available in 3-pound, 8-pound, and 16-pound bags. Pet parents can learn more about the expanded GO! SOLUTIONS collection here. Or, follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @gosolutions.petfood.


GO! SOLUTIONS is a premium dog and cat food brand offering functional, solutions-oriented recipes crafted by expert pet nutritionists. Made with premium-quality ingredients, GO! SOLUTIONS recipes are formulated to address common dietary issues and preferences to satisfy picky eaters and support strong muscle development, healthy skin and a shiny coat, food sensitivities, and healthy digestion and weight control. Each nutrient-dense recipe is carefully crafted to provide relief to pet parents looking for expert solutions for their pet’s dietary needs, to help dogs and cats look and feel their best. Recipes contain complete and balanced nutrition and a drool-worthy flavour that pets love. GO! SOLUTIONS is a flagship brand of Petcurean’s family of premium-quality pet food products. For more information, visit www.go-solutions.com.

About Petcurean®

Petcurean is a proudly Canadian company that creates premium-quality pet food recipes for dogs and cats (and cats and dogs) through its family of flagship brands including: GO! SOLUTIONS®, NOW FRESH®, and GATHER®. Petcurean pet foods are sold exclusively through select pet specialty retailers in Canada, the United States, and more than 35 countries internationally. The Petcurean family of brands is committed to sustainability as it pertains to pets, people and the planet. With every decision they make and every recipe they create, they put pets first. For more information, visit www.petcurean.com.


Julia Smith


Julia Smith