BetterBrand™, the “Grain-Changing” Food Tech Company, Debuts in Retail With a Global Launch at Whole Foods Market

The “Beyond Meat of Carbs” Ushers in a New Era of Nutrition by Leading Innovation in the $10+ Trillion Refined Carb Industry

BetterBrand's 'The Better Bagel' transforms the traditional bagel into the net carb equivalent of two banana slices (Photo: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES--()--Food tech startup BetterBrand announces its Global partnership with Whole Foods Market, hitting the frozen shelves of 500+ Whole Foods Market stores one year after its online debut.

By leading innovation in the refined carb space, BetterBrand utilizes its “Grain-Changing” technology to enable a world where consumers can eat freely - without worry of weight gain, negative health consequences, or compromise. The Company’s first product, “The Better Bagel”, transforms the carb heavy bagel into the net carb equivalent of two slices of banana, while boasting 25g+ of plant-based protein, no added sugar, and a Non-GMO Certified, clean label ingredient deck. The Company plans to apply its proprietary processes and technology across numerous product categories in order to overhaul the existing consumer relationship with food.

“BetterBrand addresses the pain-point around diet and healthy eating that I, and countless others I’ve known, have felt very deeply,” said BetterBrand Founder and CEO, Aimee Yang, who previously broke records as the first sole female founder to raise more than $1M in a venture-led, pre-seed round across food tech, consumer, and food & beverage industries (via Crunchbase).

“Our work in this area not only drives macro level impact to human health, it also unlocks a sense of freedom and empowerment to the consumer - and it’s important for us to work with partners who share these values. Whole Foods Market is an iconic brand whose ethos is built around helping customers live healthy, empowered lives, with an unparalleled focus on the consumer experience,” said Yang. “We’ve found so much synergy across the board, and we could not be more excited to be working together.”

“There was something that drew me to BetterBrand’s booth at Fancy Food in February this year,” said Stephanie Truscott, Executive Director, Global, Whole Foods Market. “Was it the booth, smell of the toasted bagels, the crowd forming, or Aimee herself? I’m not sure, but it was a pivotal moment in our partnership. I heard Aimee’s story and tasted The Classic Better Bagel and immediately knew this would be something the Whole Foods customer would love! It has been an honor to work with Aimee and BetterBrand’s team. We are very excited to celebrate this launch together.”

BetterBrand sits in the Frozen Bread section at Whole Foods Market, debuting with four SKUs of “The Better Bagel”: “The Classic,” “The Everything,” “The Cinnamon,” and a fourth flavor that has not yet been publicly disclosed. “If you go to Whole Foods Market, you’ll discover a brand new SKU of ‘The Better Bagel’ that we’ll be launching more broadly by the end of the year--it should be quite a sweet surprise,” said Yang.

Following its launch with Whole Foods Market, BetterBrand will begin rapidly expanding its retail presence, growing to 1,500+ PODs by the end of the year. The Company also plans on furthering its R&D and expanding its product portfolio.

As stated by the Company’s mission, “BetterBrand isn’t simply a food tech company. Instead, we are founded on a set of simple, yet powerful ideas. We believe unnecessary limits are meant to be broken. We believe everyone deserves to enjoy freedom and joy to the fullest. We believe that a Better world is possible. And we know that together, we’ll create it.”

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