Off2Class: To Tackle Disrupted Learning in English Language Learners, Listen to the Teachers

By highlighting the best of K-12 districts and teachers in a new whitepaper, Off2Class offers support for leaders as they plan for back to school.

TORONTO--()--As students across the nation begin to return to the classroom, K-12 school leaders face an uphill battle of staffing shortages and increased demands on their time as they strive to deliver equitable learning outcomes, particularly for the most vulnerable of learners. To that end, Off2Class has released a whitepaper detailing how to address learning loss with English Language Learners (ELLs).

Listening to the Teachers: Six Ways to Tackle Disrupted Learning in English Language Learners offers practical tips based on case studies and best practice by leading US school districts such as Harmony Public Schools (TX) and Davie County Public Schools (NC), alongside survey-based insights from the Off2Class teacher community.

This topic is of particular importance for school leaders because, as the whitepaper notes, “in the U.S., there are roughly 5.3 million ELLs, 10% of all students. ELLs faced challenges prior to the pandemic and have experienced disproportionate learning disruption exiting the pandemic.” Teachers are critical to addressing disrupted learning but a nationwide teaching shortage has left many schools understaffed to support ELLs.

As the provider of the leading software toolkit for English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers, Off2Class works with 100+ US K-12 school districts (as well as teachers in 120+ countries) and has witnessed inspiring and heroic work from school leaders and teachers alike.

The whitepaper details six areas of focus, ranging from how edtech is procured and implemented (Focus on the Right Tools), the importance of early and flexible interventions (Prioritize Newcomers and Embrace Supplemental Opportunities) and how to ensure that teacher supply meets the growing demands of ELLs (Look to Upskill and Expand the Pool). The paper also emphasizes a core principle of Off2Class, the belief that teacher time is sacred (Save Time for Students).

One example highlighted in the paper is that of Putnam City School District (OK) offering a special “Summer Recharge” program targeting newcomers and delivering improved language skills as well as enabling students to earn valuable academic credit. Tulsa Public Schools (OK) took creative steps to react to teacher shortages, using virtual tutors to offer supplemental learning opportunities for students.

“We know that teachers and schools have performed heroically over the last few years,” said Kris Jagasia, co-founder and CEO of Off2Class. “But we also know that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ELLs stand at a critical juncture of inequity and it is crucial that districts take evidence-based interventions to address disruption and get learners back on track. Off2Class is proud to work alongside schools and teachers each day in this cause whether as part of daily instruction, summer learning or even with our free ESL Lesson Plans.”

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Off2Class was founded in 2014 by former ESL teachers who saw the need to adapt traditional classroom materials and software for the 21st-century classroom. The Off2Class ESL teacher toolkit provides a complete e-learning curriculum, along with assessment and professional development tools, that improves the language-learning experience for teachers and students, saves time, and drives equitable ELL outcomes. There are more than 72,000 active students on the Off2Class platform and, to date, it has been used to deliver more than one million ESL lessons across K-12, higher education, NGOs, and private language institutions around the world. To learn more, visit


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