Helping Teens Be Resilient: BIORAY® Releases RAYZ® Naturopathic & Herbal Formulas

BIORAY, INC. The Natural Detox Company New Product Launch

IRVINE, Calif.--()--Today, BIORAY®, makers of BIORAY® Kids, the third best-selling children’s dietary supplement line in the USA, is launching a new naturopathic tincture line formulated for teens called RAYZ®. This line combines organic herbs and RAYZ® flower essences.

All Systems Glow®, Dream Machine®, Life Is Peachy®, and Thinking Cap® formulas address teens pulsing hormones and firing synapses, social angst, schoolwork angst, and sociopolitical angst of this creative, hyper-engaged generation.

Hip and easy-to-take liquid tinctures are flavored with all-natural fruit blends. For teens who want to feel good about their mood, mind state, and body. The effect of taking RAYZ® is not to suppress negative attitudes, but to transform them into positive ones.

RAYZ® Formula Details:

  • Proprietary micronized chlorella, known for removing toxins and protecting cells in the body
  • Premium adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms for balancing the immune system
  • Fermented fruits and vegetables for easy absorption
  • Flower essences to support the mind and emotions

“I created RAYZ® dietary supplements for teens to address their sense of self in the world. Addressing a teen’s emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being, these formulas take effect by supporting the individual’s whole self.”

- Stephanie Ray, BCN Founder & President BIORAY®, Board Certified Naturopath and mom

About BIORAY®, Inc.:

BIORAY® has utilized the balance of nature and science to create safe and effective liquid herbal supplements that support health, vitality, and the environment since 1990. BIORAY® has the zealous goal that all people have access to and understanding of how to use Chinese herbs as a path to a quality life. For more information visit

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Kurt Ahrens, Marketing Manager

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Kurt Ahrens, Marketing Manager