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 Humanising the way knowhow can be shared online, start-up Ovvio is going places fast. So what’s its secret?

LONDON--()--Ovvio was conceived in June 2020 by entrepreneurial brothers Shaalin and Sachin Tandon. Search engine weary, the brothers wanted to create a new way for people to find things out online. Instead of interacting with algorithms, people looking for knowhow or handy hints with practical issues could interact with other people – specialists in their fields – who could help them. Ovvio would be a kind of eye contact between people around the globe. Real time sharing of that most precious resource: knowledge. The brothers got to work.

A web app was built. Still in beta, it went live in December 2021. This generated healthy interest in the Ovvio concept. It soon became clear that a mobile app would take things to the next level. Consequently, the Ovvio Android app became available on Play Store in early June 2022. There were almost 20,000 downloads in the first three weeks after launch.

‘Seekers’ or ‘Givers’ can now sign up to Ovvio to find stuff out or share their savvy respectively. Seekers can search within the secure Ovvio ecosystem for knowhow that the appropriate Givers can provide for a reasonable and controllable fee. What kind of knowhow? All sorts. And the offering is widening as Givers sign up.

A shower might have sprung a leak and plumbing advice is required – fast. Maybe it’s gardening tips that are needed, or automobile problem solutions. It could be life counselling, or career steer; or help passing exams at school. A Seeker might want to know which technology will work best for them and how to set it up. Perhaps the problem is carpet stains that won’t come out. Or solar panels procurement and their installation.

There are now dozens of knowledge niches that Seekers can access via Ovvio.

Ovvio’s monetisation model includes a commission on any paid transactions. Seekers pay Givers an agreed fee based on the time spent chatting via the dedicated Ovvio live chat (video, text, or audio) portal. Givers don’t have to invoice and wait 30 days for their fee.

Ovvio takes users’ privacy seriously. Seekers can maintain their privacy with anonymous mode. They can communicate with Givers by text or audio only; or they can get face to face via video and ask questions while revealing as much or as little about their identity as they wish in that way. This sort of control is essential to the concept.

There are already over 30,000 Ovvio users. Hundreds are signing up each day either as Seekers or Givers. Ovvio looks on course to have circa 100,000 users by Q3 2022.

For many, Ovvio is a step in the right direction (away from exploitational algorithms): it’s trying to bring people together again, post lockdowns, and is humanising knowledge.

And it’s helping ordinary people to fix stuff and get clued up quickly.

The drive behind Ovvio was to democratise knowledge sharing – to give it a human perspective by creating a person-to-person online interface. We saw a gap in the market that existed because while the internet is helpful, it can feel rather impersonal sometimes, and people are worried about privacy, and what is really going on with tracking and use of personal data etc. Ovvio now provides an easy way to give or receive knowhow that helps people with the kind of challenges we all face every day. Givers can provide useful insights that help people with practical things in a face-to-face, dynamic way. It’s all about reintroducing people to people again - helpfully!” – Shaalin Tandon.


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Sachin Tandon, sachin@ovvio.co, Ovvio Ltd.

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Ovvio would be a kind of eye contact between people around the globe. Real time sharing of that most precious resource: knowledge.

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Sachin Tandon, sachin@ovvio.co, Ovvio Ltd.