Cross-Border Commerce Europe Publishes the Fourth Edition of the "TOP 16 Countries Cross-Border Europe": an Annual Ranking of the Best 16 European Countries in Cross-Border Online Shopping

BRUSSELS--()--Cross-Border Commerce Europe, the platform that stimulates cross-border eCommerce in Europe, releases a major research paper covering and ranking the 16 strongest European countries with a focus on their cross-border performance from both (I) consumer perspective and (II) business approach. EU consumers have re-elected Luxembourg as the country winner, while Germany confirms the lead as the EU country generating the best cross-border online shops and marketplaces. UK cross-border sales dropped to a historically low level (-12%) resulting in €29bn cross- border B2C sales online.

The total online EU cross-border market represents a turnover of €171 billion in 2021 (excluding travel), a YTD increase of 17%. A study produced by CBCommerce with the support of, FedEx Express, Lengow, nShift and Payoneer.

(I) The 'TOP 16 Countries Cross-Border Retail Europe' edition from the consumer perspective is a major compilation of cross-border data. The ranking is obtained by weighting four parameters:

- Online cross-border sales in Europe (16 countries within Western Europe, Scandinavia and UK)
- Cross-border online market share
- Cross-border consumer confidence
- Percentage of cross-border web visitors

Based on the above-mentioned methodology, the TOP 16 Countries for 2021 are:
- TOP 1: Luxembourg
- TOP 2: Ireland
- TOP 3: Austria
- TOP 4: Denmark
- TOP 5: Belgium
- TOP 6: Switzerland
- TOP 7: Sweden
- TOP 8: Norway
- TOP 9: Germany
- TOP 10: Italy
- TOP 11: Spain
- TOP 12: France
- TOP 13: Portugal
- TOP 14: United Kingdom
- TOP 15: Finland
- TOP 16: The Netherlands

The climbers are Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, Finland and Portugal. The one descending is the United Kingdom. The status quo countries are Luxembourg, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Spain and the Netherlands.

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About Cross-Border Commerce Europe:
Cross-Border Commerce Europe is the European network and knowledge platform for all eCommerce and omnichannel players present in at least three countries in Europe. brings the different actors in contact with each other to increase visibility, share knowledge and figures, discover trends and specificities of each European country.


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Carine Moitier
Founder Cross-Border Commerce Europe,
Mobile: +32 473 26 05 61