Praesidium Releases Annual Report Detailing the Latest Trends in How Organizations are Keeping Participants Safe From Abuse

Report Does a Deep Dive Into Where Abuse Risk Lies, Changing Industry Standards & an Overview of Where Litigation has Found Institutional Fault in Sexual Abuse Cases

Praesidium helpline trends suggest an almost equal split between adult to youth and youth to youth abuse but where and how incidents occur varies considerably. Knowing where abuse is more probable can help you plan your prevention efforts. (Graphic: Business Wire)

ARLINGTON, Texas--()--Praesidium, a national leader in risk management of sexual abuse of vulnerable populations, released today its 2022 Praesidium Report©. The report uses a combination of Praesidium’s robust internal data as well as external trends and research to highlight how organizations are protecting individuals from abuse.

As the national landscape of abuse prevention efforts is rapidly evolving, and diverse contributions across this landscape are collectively strengthening, Praesidium continues to see organizations in all industries and of all sizes work tirelessly to protect the children, youth, and vulnerable adults they serve.

“By releasing such a comprehensive overview of the current landscape of abuse, we want to remind audiences that abuse is preventable, but it doesn't happen by just checking a box,” said CEO Aaron Lundberg. “The report can serve as a comparison for organizations and as a reminder to ask themselves ‘are we doing everything they can?’ and ‘where do we stand on our own safety measures?’”

With this being the most comprehensive report Presidium has ever released, it provides insight on data from Praesidium’s online self-assessment tool, Know Your Score!, new and cutting-edge data from Praesidium’s Accreditation program, and a comprehensive review on youth protection standards in national youth-serving organizations. Additionally, the report provides an analysis of Praesidium’s helpline data and a review of external sexual abuse cases from a national database of civil cases.

In an effort to continue establishing safe environments for all those targeted organizations serve, Praesidium’s root cause analyses and research demonstrated that the biggest abuse risks lie within eight organizational operations, which make up the Praesidium Safety Equation©:

  • Policies
  • Screening and Selection
  • Training
  • Monitoring and Supervision
  • Internal Feedback Systems
  • Consumer Participation
  • Responding
  • Administrative Practices

“Abuse prevention is a commitment that everyone in organizations that serve vulnerable populations need to make. From organizational leadership, board members, to direct care staff, they must all keep up to date with trends and remain vigilant to ensure policies and best practices are being followed,” said Lundberg. “We want every organization to recognize that it takes an ongoing focus to safety to keep kids and vulnerable adults safe.”

For more information or to reach out for a consultation, visit The report can be accessed here.

About Praesidium

Praesidium specializes in preventing sexual abuse in organizations that serve youth and vulnerable adults. Over a period in excess of 30 years, the company has reviewed over 4,000 cases of abuse within organizations to determine the root causes of sexual abuse within organizational settings. Praesidium employs more than 50 staff in the United States and Chile, including licensed social workers, lawyers, health care researchers and other experts. The company has served over 5,000 clients with a broad range of products and services to aid organizations in preventing abuse, including online and instructor–led trainings, organizational risk assessments, model policies and background checks. Having trained more than one million people online and hundreds of thousands in person, Praesidium is the largest and most comprehensive sexual abuse risk management firm globally.


Brooke Pratt


Brooke Pratt