Robotics Sector Asks Industry to Sign “GOOD WORK CHARTER” by European Engineering Association

  • EUnited sets standards for the future of work
  • Human-Centric Approach to Robotics and Automation

BRUSSELS--()--The European Engineering Industries Association (EUnited) invites companies and organizations to support the GOOD WORK CHARTER, developed by the European Robotics Industry. The Charter defines 10 principles for shaping the future of work. It serves as a guideline to actively pursue a human-centric approach to automation in a world where humans interact ever more closely with robots. By joining the supporter campaign, companies publicly demonstrate their commitment to follow the Charter’s principles in the workplace.

“The Good Work Charter is a groundbreaking initiative for sustainability and corporate social responsibility with regard to the future of work in Europe,” says EUnited Robotics Chairman, Wilfried Eberhardt.

Supporters Campaign for GOOD WORK

Companies that use robotics in their production as well as manufacturers of robotics and automation technology can become supporters by signing a declaration of endorsement. Signatories are asked to provide concrete examples of implementation to demonstrate how they follow the Charter´s principles.

Human-Centric workplaces

The Charter wants robots to relieve workers, e.g. of the dull, dangerous and dirty work that is not well-suited for human nature - employees should work like humans and not like machines. Robots should assist humans and create opportunities for their professional development. Altogether,

10 focus areas define how to attain human-centric workplaces with a high degree of automation.

How companies implement GOOD WORK standards

Please find EXAMPLES how companies already put the principles of the GOOD WORK CHARTER into practice at the FULL TEXT PRESS RELEASE here:

Become a signatory - GOOD WORK CHARTER

How to become a signatory:

Please contact Fariba Khatami, EUnited Robotics, via E-mail: or phone: +32 2 706 82 22


The European GOOD WORK CHARTER is available for download at:

About EUnited Robotics

EUnited Robotics is a sector of EUnited AISBL based in Brussels, established to serve the robotics industry in Europe. We aim to develop, advocate, and communicate topics of industrial relevance to support our members, expand Europe’s competitive edge and boost its global economic standing.


Patrick Schwarzkopf
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Patrick Schwarzkopf
+32 2 706 8222