First Annual National DevOps Day Celebrates the Powerful Partnerships That Bring Dev and Ops Together

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Transposit, the company that delivers connected workflow for DevOps, has established National DevOps Day as a registered holiday to be celebrated annually on May 24. National DevOps Day celebrates the powerful partnerships that bring Dev and Ops together—to collaborate, to innovate and to create amazing customer experiences.

DevOps is a force of change in how organizations develop, deploy and support their products and services. In contrast with slower, more traditional development practices, DevOps is a collaborative, fast-moving approach that enables a deep culture of partnership using a constellation of habits, tools and people.

“I’m thrilled we now have an official day to celebrate the robust and ever-evolving DevOps community. In addition to Dev and Ops, it’s important to remember that DevOps encompasses more—it’s also about security, testing, site reliability engineers, and system and business architects. The teams behind DevOps foster highly reliable, efficient and collaborative environments.” – Alan Shimel, co-founder of DevOps Institute and CEO, founder and editor-in-chief of and Techstrong Group

Celebrating National DevOps Day:

  • Participate on social media: Join the DevOps Day celebrations by using #NationalDevOpsDay and #DevOpsDay on social media channels.

    Transposit will also be hosting a social media giveaway from May 24 to June 6. To participate, entrants need to:

    • Follow Transposit on Twitter and LinkedIn
    • Like Transposit’s National DevOps Day tweet and LinkedIn post, which will go live on May 24 at 9:00am
    • Tag someone they partner with and share why DevOps is valuable

Selected at random, one lucky winner will receive a Yeti cooler. The first 50 participants across Twitter and LinkedIn will be eligible to receive a DevOps Day hat for themselves and the partner they tagged.

  • Join the GrownOps community of like-minded DevOps professionals: GrownOps is a place to connect with modern operations leaders passionate about keeping up with the future of operations teams and sharing best practices to achieve Ops maturity. Discuss your best practices, ask questions and join in conversations—real time, real talk.

Insights From Industry Experts:

“I believe what we’re trying to do within our industry is create this mind shift where you are thinking about the end customer all the time—not just in the production environment, you are always thinking about the end customer experience through every step of the journey.” – Ben Narramore, director of operations and service management at PlayStation

“DevOps are the unsung heroes of any product engineering org. Without DevOps understanding, writing and shipping software would be impossible.” – Boki Beran, VP of engineering at Transposit

“I'm really drawn to the DevOps concepts of automation, collaboration and continual improvement. DevOps allows for my company to innovate quicker and respond more dynamically to the market while serving the highest possible quality with the most efficient use of physical equipment. We're always looking for opportunities to pull more people, teams and systems into the fold.” – John Martin, senior system engineer at Hulu


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About Transposit

Transposit delivers connected workflow for DevOps, empowering SRE and TechOps teams to deliver great customer experiences, expand automation and drive consistency, and simplify audits and compliance. Transposit's flexible, human-in-the-loop approach to automation helps teams reduce toil and accelerate event response — all with automatic documentation of every action. Combining the no-code user interface with the Developer Platform that provides full extensibility and customization in Python and JavaScript, Transposit can be tailor fit for any use case. With hundreds of pre-built connectors, the cloud-based platform is able to connect to any service with an API. Organizations rely on Transposit to improve workflow agility and keep services healthy so they can deliver more value to their business and customers.


Mikka Cruzado
Bhava Communications for Transposit


Mikka Cruzado
Bhava Communications for Transposit