Certified-Sustainable, Nutrient-Rich Wild Alaska Pollock Takes Center Plate Just in Time for Earth Month

Nordstrom Restaurant Group Partners with Trident Seafoods to Feature the Earth-Friendly Fish Across the Country; New Health Supplements and Pet Products

SEATTLE--()--Wild Alaska Pollock, the nutritious, fresh-tasting, flaky white fish sustainably caught in Alaskan waters, has long been used as an ingredient in fish sandwiches and fish sticks at restaurants and widely-available in the frozen section at retailers. Now this certified-sustainable seafood source rich in nutrients is expanding to a center-plate role at Nordstrom Restaurants this April, and as a key ingredient in Trident Seafoods’ new Omega-3 supplements for people and food toppers for dogs. The new offerings truly demonstrate how every part of the fish is utilized to reduce overall food waste.

The Sustainable Sea Protein

According to a recent Life Cycle assessment study,* Wild Alaska Pollock has a lower carbon impact than beef, chicken and pork. Sustainable harvest practices and transparency from the source to the plate allow the fish to be certified sustainable by the Responsible Fisheries Management and Marine Stewardship Council programs.

Wild Alaska Pollock is also one of the most abundant fish species harvested in Alaska waters, well-managed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration-National Marine Fisheries Service (NOAA Fisheries). Scientists set annual catch limits that ensure the species’ viability and sustainability based on some of the most comprehensive fishery and ecosystem data available globally.

Packed with Nutrients

Wild Alaska Pollock is nutrient rich. One three-ounce serving contains 281mg omega-3 fatty acids, 17 grams of protein, and 130% of the recommended daily value of vitamin B12. Visit Trident Seafoods Website for additional nutrition information.

Great Taste

With a mild, delicate flavor, low oil content and firm yet flaky texture, this white fish, which is often described as similar to cod, works well in a variety of dishes. Wild Alaska Pollock is perfect to grill, pan fry or deep fry for a delicious, nutritious protein source, or as an ingredient in dips, soups and beyond.

New Ways of Enjoying Wild Alaska Pollock

In celebration of Earth Month, from April 5th - May 2nd, Nordstrom restaurants and specialty coffee bars are featuring two delicious Wild Alaska Pollock dishes at stores across the country - Blackened Wild Alaska Pollock with Cajun Risotto and Blackened Wild Alaska Pollock Taco Salad. Nordstrom Chefs have worked in partnership with family owned Trident Seafoods and the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) to showcase the versatility and great taste of Wild Alaska Pollock at a time when consumers are looking for more sustainable food sources and new and delicious ways to enjoy seafood.

Additionally, Trident is unveiling two new Wild Alaska Fish Oil brands, one especially designed for consumers looking for products to help maintain their lifestyles and another brand uniquely formulated for their beloved canines. These products are 100% made in the USA and truly demonstrate the “full usage” of the fish, that each generation at Trident Seafoods strives for. Each will be available immediately at select Nordstrom Restaurants and Specialty Coffee Bars and on Amazon.com.

  • Pure Catch® Wild Omega-3 Supplement: Supporting a healthy heart†, brain†, and vision†1, these supplements are concentrated to deliver triple the amount of essential omega-3s found in Wild Alaska Pollock. The product comes in flexible, convenient resealable pouches, which contain a ScentCert Heart to add a refreshing citrus aroma to enhance the experience.
  • Alaska Naturals® Fish Oil Food Topper for Dogs: Delivering EPA + DHA omega-3s, this new Wild Alaska Pollock oil supports skin and coat health from the inside out. Be ready for furry friends to come running as you drizzle this on their food.

Beyond these new offerings, consumers can look for Wild Alaska Pollock at their local grocer’s frozen aisle, on restaurant menus and in popular comfort foods like fish sticks and fish sandwiches.

For more information on Trident Seafoods and Wild Alaska Pollock, visit https://www.tridentseafoods.com and https://www.alaskapollock.org

About Trident Seafoods

With nearly 50 years of experience under its belt, Trident Seafoods sells the highest quality seafood available today. Since its founding, “From the Source to the Plate” has been their motto as they control the process, every step of the way – from the icy waters of Alaska, straight to your plate. With a commitment to balancing responsible business practices with the sustainable use of natural resources, including Wild Alaska Pollock, Trident Seafoods participates in and partners with sustainable, well-managed fisheries and is constantly innovating to provide you and your family the freshest products imaginable.

About Nordstrom Restaurant Group

Nordstrom is a fast-moving fashion company that empowers its people to be innovative, creative, and always focused on providing the best service to customers. Its Restaurant Group is proud to source, prepare, and serve best in class food and beverage experiences for their customers with an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality, wholesome and sustainably sourced ingredients that drive their handcrafted, made-from-scratch food and beverage offerings. They share this excellence in every touchpoint and product throughout the customer journey and ensure it is guided by the integrity and thoughtful pursuit of social responsibility and environmental stewardship. The Nordstrom Restaurant Group has over 200 locations including Specialty Coffee Bars, Quick Service and Full Service Restaurants. Learn more at www.nordstrom.com/browse/about/nordstrom-restaurants

About GAPP

The Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) is a nonprofit that advocates for one of the world’s most sustainable and nutritious seafood products, U.S.-caught Wild Alaska Pollock. Our mission is to build demand and awareness for the fish through driving product innovation, conducting research, and creating awareness about product quality and the responsibly managed fishery the product comes from. Learn more at www.alaskapollock.org.


*Source: Quantis International, Life Cycle Assessment of Wild Alaska Pollock: ISO LCA Report (2021)

1† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Media Contact:
Madeline Howard


Media Contact:
Madeline Howard