Nowi Launches New Chip with Extended Energy Harvesting Capabilities and New Power Management Features

Nowi's Newest Chip, Diatom (NH16D3045) (Photo: Business Wire)

AMSTERDAM--()--Nowi, a Dutch semiconductor company specialised in energy harvesting and power management, launches today the newest addition to its portfolio with Diatom. Known for having developed one of the smallest and most cost-effective energy harvesting PMICs on the market, Nowi now unveils a new chipset which offers a range of brand-new features.

With an ultra-compact size of 4x4mm, Diatom (NH16D3045) is a high-performing energy harvesting PMIC, which has a wide power input range from microwatts to milliwatts and a unique ultra-fast MPPT that enables top harvesting efficiency. It is designed to extract the power output of a wide range of energy harvesters to charge a variety of energy storage elements such as rechargeable batteries or supercapacitors. Its innovative cold start feature enables batteryless applications, which helps companies reduce their maintenance cost resulting from battery maintenance, while offering their customers a more sustainable and easier to use option.

Diatom was developed to answer the needs of customers, catering to their need for increased integration in order to lower implementation cost, size and complexity whilst improving performance. It combines integrated energy harvesting and power management into one single product to serve as a complete power offering, boasting features such as regulated output, over-voltage protection and USB charging. Simon van der Jagt, CEO at Nowi, adds, “Diatom’s inductorless design and integrated power management functionalities enable customers to further reduce the implementation cost and area required to achieve top performance. We are very proud of this new product and look forward to the new customer designs it will make possible”.

Diatom enables power autonomy in a variety of low-power applications. The possibilities are endless – from smart home to 4.0 industry/retail such as IoT devices, ESLs, to smart wearables such as smart bands, glasses, and consumer electronics like remote controls, tags; Diatom perpetually powers devices with clean ambient energy. This new addition to the Nowi PMIC portfolio further simplifies the design process and lowers the threshold for any company to develop energy autonomous products.

Learn more by watching a replay of Nowi’s live product launch event, broadcasted on March 31st, 2022, at the following URL:


Melissa O'Leary

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Nowi launches a new addition to its portfolio with Diatom, a high-performing energy harvesting chipset with a range of brand-new features.

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Melissa O'Leary