Cognitive Function Test for Normal Subjects Developed in Japan, an Advanced Super-Aging Nation, Article Published in International Medical Journal (Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders)

“Brain Assessment” is an online periodic checkup for dementia risk from a healthy age.

TOKYO--()--Developed by Research Institute of Brain Activation and the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Technology, Brain Assessment is an online cognitive function test for healthy individuals that compares the average rate of cognitive decline with aging. This new system makes it possible to detect rapid decline in cognitive function at an early stage. The system also shows correlations between existing cognitive function tests, and we are pleased to announce that the results of this research were published twice in the international medical journal Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders (Impact Factor: 2.959) in June and December of 2021.


Existing cognitive function tests are limited to determining whether or not a person has dementia, and early detection of rapid decline in cognitive function remains difficult to detect.

Based on data from 5,740 healthy Japanese subjects, the research team identified age-specific norms for cognitive function and also found that the decline in cognitive function with age is a linear decline, unlike the gradual curve presented by the Alzheimer's Association in US. Based on the results of this research, we developed Brain Assessment, an online test with five subtests and five versions in Japan.

In 2021, we published papers in Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders, which will show the quality of this test and the correlation with MMSE, RCPM, RBMT, TMT-A, TMT-B and other tests.

What to expect from the results of this research

In this year, English and Chinese versions will be released, not only as a tool for individual self-management, but also as a tool for experiencing effects that accompanies supplements and as a tool for measuring the efficacy of clinical tests, etc. We are seeking a wide range of business partners as we plan to expand overseas.

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Online Tool (Brain Assessment) for the Detection of Cognitive Function Changes during Aging

The Correlation between a New Online Cognitive Test (Brain Assessment) and Widely Used In-Person Neuropsychological Tests

Brain Assessment (Nouken)

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Yoshinori Ota