Clash Creators Cashing out, Earning 4+ Million Drops in Just Three Months

Company Proves it Has Removed the Barriers to Entry for Creators to Make Money Without a Large Following, More than 3,500 Creators Earning on Clash App!

More than 4 million Drops (digital goods with monetary value) have been circulated to Clash Creators in just three months! (Graphic: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES--()--Clash, a next-generation platform and home for short-form video creators and their most dedicated fanbase, is excited and proud to announce that users have sent more than 4 million drops (digital goods with monetary value) to Creators in just three months. This shows that fans are willing and able to support their favorite Creators with more than 3,500 Creators earning from fans, friends, fellow users and other Creators. This support isn’t just for the top 1% of Creators, but Creators with followings of all sizes (as low as 150 fans) earning from the loyal support of their fans without the need for virality. Early indicators of success include:

  • Number of Drops sent by users: 4,000,000
  • Number of Creators who have earned Drops: 3,500
  • Top Single Month Earner: One creator cashed out nearly $1,500 in first month on Clash
  • Average earnings for Creators that have a significant TikTok / IG following: $204

“The initial reaction from Clash Creators and fans has been tremendous. The sheer number of drops that have been circulated alone is positive proof that fans are willing to support creators who are doing what they love, without the need for the creators to have millions of followers and over-produced content,” said Brendon McNerney, Co-Founder and CEO of Clash. “Everyone is a Creator on Clash, and everyone can earn. It is so rewarding to see this idea and concept take flight and watch as people make money doing what they love. As a former Creator, all I aim to do is make other Creators' lives easier, and this is a remarkable benchmark on our journey.”

For some Creators on Clash, what they earn covers their rent, or groceries for the month, and for others an evening of take out, or maybe a little extra money to support other Creators. While Clash is a great platform for bigger Creators, Clash openly extends the opportunity to earn from creativity to the long list of Creators that have never been able to earn on other platforms before. More than 6% of ALL CLASH USERS, not only those that self-identify as Creators, are earning money since they joined the platform.

In the short time since she joined Clash, Christina Tessman (ChristinaASMR), who hails from Canada, is already earning enough to maintain a sustainable income as a full-time Creator. "I like Clash because it alleviates the pressure of having to go viral,” said Christina Tessman. “It's more about connecting with my followers."

Since Clash’s launch in October 2021, existing byte users and new Clash users have jump started the symbiotic support economy shared amongst all users. In addition to Drops, Creators are extending their creativity with Clash by fulfilling requests for content through FanMail, opening new communication channels with their biggest fans and releasing exclusive content through this feature.

The Creator Economy is becoming a fixture in society with more than 50 million Creators, professional and amateur, worldwide. Other platforms cater to the top 1% while everyone on Clash has the opportunity to earn regardless of audience size or content virality.

Key product features include:

  • In-App Drops: Similar to a tip jar laid out in front of your favorite neighborhood busker, “Drops” are Clash’s way of empowering fans to drop their appreciation and support for their favorite creators right into their virtual wallets. These digital goods can be gifted endlessly to any/all creators inside the Clash economy and redeemed in full each month. On Clash, sending Drops to your favorite creator is as easy, ubiquitous and seamless as liking or commenting on a video.
  • FanMail: A direct connection between creators and their biggest fans, FanMail allows fans to send custom Drops and unlock the ability to send personalized messages straight to their favorite creators, who can then acknowledge and communicate directly with their most ardent supporters.
  • Subscriptions: Fans can subscribe to support Creators each month. Any Creator on Clash can turn on subscriptions. There are no hoops to jump through to start receiving recurring support from their fans.
  • No Barriers to Entry: Shoot, Share, Earn. Clash believes that everyone has the capacity and creativity to be a successful content creator if given the right tools, audience and opportunity. Therefore, Clash has taken a “no barrier to entry” approach, where a user’s follower count, engagement statistics, verification status, etc., have no impact on their ability to earn and share within the app.

New engagement and audience segmentation features aimed at strengthening the relationship between Creator and fans will be announced and released in the coming weeks.

The Clash app is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, or by visiting

About Clash:

Clash is the next-generation video platform for creators to better connect with their most dedicated fanbase, bridging the hyper-filtered gap between digital friends to empower EVERYONE to invest in one another authentically via in-app digital goods known as Drops. Clash is an aggressively pro-creator platform that uniquely enables true support, collaboration and connection between the interwoven, often overlapping, populations of “fans” and “creators.” We’ve simplified, streamlined and democratized the content creation and compensation ecosystem while strengthening sustainable digital support opportunities for creators by making it as simple as “create, share, earn.” Period! On Clash, everyone is a creator, regardless of follower counts, check marks or product placement deals. Unlike other social platforms, Clash is built for your strongest audience, with no barriers to entry for earning and no reliance upon a hyper-filtered stream of content to create a mass market, brand-appealing feed. Just be yourself, and earn from those who want to support you! We serve up more authentic experiences to “ride-or-die” followers/fans and empower them to monetarily support anyone creating engaging content they enjoy. Our short-form video app disrupts the existing social media paradigm that favors high follower counts over true connection and honest interaction with one’s most loyal fans.

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Clash proves fans are willing to support Creators, with more than 3,500 Creators earning from fans, friends, fellow users and other Creators.

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Nicole Rodrigues
NRPR Group