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CloudQuant, a leading data, research, and technology firm, today announced that ICE DataVault is now available through the CloudQuant Liberator™ platform. This integration can allow ICE and CloudQuant customers to easily access ICE DataVault’s comprehensive archive of historical tick data captured from the ICE Consolidated Feed.

ICE DataVault provides users granular, high quality financial information with full depth-of-market coverage that can allow for strategy backtesting, historical analysis, trade surveillance and compliance use cases. ICE’s extensive coverage is designed to capture tick-by-tick data for trades and quotes across multiple assets, including equities, derivatives, fixed income, foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies, money markets, energy and ETFs, with history spanning 10+ years.

ICE’s integration with CloudQuant is designed to allow CloudQuant users to unlock ICE DataVault’s deep historical tick data directly through the platform, allowing them to bypass potentially months of development work, and begin accessing the content within hours.

Mark Heckert, Chief Product Officer, Fixed Income and Data Services at ICE, said, “Our work with CloudQuant unlocks the value of ICE’s repository of historical data and can allow us to expand the reach of ICE. Customers will be able to access the full depth of book history made available through CloudQuant’s intuitive, easy-to-use data access platform. They can also create insights and value from the content much faster, potentially saving significant time by data mining ICE DataVault directly through CloudQuant’s environment.”

CloudQuant CEO Morgan Slade said, “CloudQuant can provide a critical access point for users to quickly begin using one of the most comprehensive cross-asset tick data solutions on the market. With our Liberator data fabric, we can share the massive collection of ICE Data together with CloudQuant’s premium Alternative and Fundamental datasets under a single, easy-to-use API to cloud and non-cloud clients.”

ICE DataVault is part of Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE). To learn more about ICE DataVault, please visit:

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Marli Welch
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