Piazza Launches New Training Program to Enable Universities to Easily Scale the Use of Piazza Q&A Across Their Institutions

Institutions receive a custom training program that will help get instructors up and running on Piazza for their classes

PALO ALTO, Calif.--()--Piazza, the premier social learning platform, today announced a new custom training program for universities that hold Piazza license agreements. This unique program makes it easier than ever for any instructor or professor to incorporate Piazza into their classes. Through unparalleled support from Piazza, institutions will be able to dramatically scale platform adoption, increase student engagement, and enhance student-faculty interactions campus-wide.

“We are thrilled to roll out our new custom training program to help universities maximize their use of the Piazza platform across their institutions,” said Pooja Sankar, CEO of Piazza. “We have built an incredible support team that is at the ready to help each institution and its instructors get the most out of Piazza’s features. Our platform was built on a foundation of instructor input, and we are excited to be able to extend these insights and tips from many of our power-users to provide even more instructors the best possible Piazza experience—for them and their students.”

Piazza’s new custom training program for universities will:

  • Create independent, self-sufficient “Piazza Specialists” within their universities who can meet instructors’ rising demand for web-based pedagogical tools and resources
  • Empower university admins to quickly respond to faculty requests and questions regarding Piazza
  • Offer tailored sessions based on the university’s need to accommodate different disciplines and faculties
  • Establish direct and constant communication between university admins and Piazza’s support team in addition to providing ongoing administrator and faculty access to support team through email, phone, and video conferencing
  • Share best practices for different teaching environments and disciplines from large, online intro courses to small, hybrid flipped classrooms
  • Provide additional training sessions for new features and major product updates as requested by the university

How It Works

The custom training program provides ongoing support as university-appointed Piazza Specialists receive the best tools and resources to help them assist instructors and admins across the institution get set up on the platform and add the right features for their classes.

Piazza Specialists and administrators attend a single training session, or a series of training sessions, on how to use the Q&A platform, depending on the school’s specific needs. They can also take advantage of personalized live video demonstrations. Demos include sessions focused on unique aspects of Piazza, covering Piazza Lite, the platform’s accessibility feature, the mobile app and web interface, and LTI 1.3 connection with the university’s specific learning management system (LMS). Additionally, Piazza can create custom sessions to be tailored to different disciplines and faculties and provide support to faculty geared toward any special use cases they may have.

Every live training session is recorded and provided to Piazza Specialists so they may leverage it in their admin and instructor training materials, or as a future reference.

Expanded training sessions include:

  • The basic layout of Piazza and the anatomy of a note, question, and poll
  • How to use the rich text editor for runnable code snippets, chemical equations, LaTeX and more
  • How to boost student engagement via instructor endorsements and student anonymity settings
  • How to track course creation and enrollments at your institution using Piazza’s admin dashboard
  • How to track student participation analytics using the statistics tab
  • How to integrate Piazza into the university’s LMS
  • A Q&A session at the end of the webinar to address any questions

For details on purchasing a license to take advantage of this outstanding custom program, visit our license page. To learn more about Piazza’s platform visit: www.piazza.com.

About Piazza

Piazza Q&A is the premier social learning platform today, helping more than 5 million students learn beyond the traditional classroom in more than 2,000 universities spanning 90 countries. Students from all disciplines use Piazza to work together collaboratively despite differences in learning levels, gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status, and instructors address their questions as they arise. While Piazza Q&A enables inclusive learning, the Piazza Network opens up career opportunities. Any student in the Piazza community can opt in to join the Network, where they can connect with potential employers as well as interact with other students in their network for career advice. With Piazza Talent Solutions, companies can sign up to connect with students in the Piazza Network to gain unprecedented access to the most sought-after talent segments.


Carmen Mantalas
GMK Communications for Piazza

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Carmen Mantalas
GMK Communications for Piazza