Quality Meets Luxury: High Quality European Fruit and Vegetables Return to Switzerland

As part of the project called "Euphoria - European production of fruit and vegetables: a guarantee of quality and well-being", 123 days are being dedicated to promoting high quality European fruit and vegetables to Swiss consumers.
The Globus luxury chain is the outstanding partner here.

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ZURICH, Switzerland--()--Quality meets luxury. High quality European fruit and vegetables are back under the spotlight at the best outlets across Switzerland. The project called "Euphoria - European production of fruit and vegetables: a guarantee of quality and well-being", launched together with the European Union and aimed at promoting high quality cooperative fruit and vegetables for the end consumer, is once again available to Swiss consumers. This will be made possible by a calendar of 123 campaign days starting on 1 November and ending in the first week of December.

The main champion of this round of campaigns will be none other than Switzerland's most exclusive chain, Globus. High quality European fruit and vegetables from the autumn and winter season will be available in eight outlets of the best Swiss luxury shops, from Zurich to Bern, Geneva, Lucerne and Basel.

Spotlight on: cauliflower, in its white and purple varieties – also called cimone – which thanks to the perfect balance of its components, its low calorie content and high satiating power, has a beneficial and healthy effect and is suitable for weight loss diets; turnip tops, rich in antioxidant, mineralizing and purifying properties; black cabbage, the chief ingredient of many traditional recipes from Tuscany and Tuscia; Romanesco broccoli, which thanks to its antioxidant action strengthens the immune system and is a precious supplement in the winter season; the blue potato, which is not only rich in antioxidants, mineral salts and vitamins, but in recent years has become the leading food of gourmet and celebrity cuisine thanks to its flavor, explosion of color and the vivacity it gives to dishes.

But this is not the end of the story: after the experiences at the end of 2020, the Euphoria project will return to the Engrosmarkt in Zurich, one of the most important hubs for fruit and vegetables in Switzerland, where it will find its place in the Venzi + Paganini store, a historical promotor of the distribution and sale of fruit and vegetables in Switzerland.

The Euphoria project, with a total duration of three years, covers not only the Swiss market but also the Norwegian market through a series of initiatives and integrated communication activities to promote the qualities of (to end consumers) and educate (operators in the sector) on the qualities and characteristics of high quality European fruit and vegetables.

The consumers participating will find trained staff at the stands in the Globus and Venzi + Paganini stores who will provide them with all the useful information about the products and material about the project, and will assist them in purchasing the products and allowing them to sample some delicacies. If they wish, they can try one of the recipes from the cookbook produced in collaboration with Iside De Cesare, a Michelin star chef.

The list of campaign days and the addresses of the points of sale can be found on the website https://enjoygoodfood.eu/

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Roberto D'Amico


Roberto D'Amico