Almanac Introduces Community-Powered Documentation

New capabilities allow any person to suggest changes and improvements to technical and community docs.

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Almanac, the operating system for remote work, announced a collection of features for collaborating on public documentation.

With today's launch, companies can publish technical and community documentation on Almanac and crowdsource improvements from their audience. Readers of documentation can suggest changes to any published page on branches—linked, private versions of the page—with tracked changes. Admins can then review submitted branches and merge in improvements, harnessing the power of stakeholder expertise without compromising on quality or clarity.

“Published documentation is one of the best ways for companies to share knowledge with their communities, but maintenance is a burden and outdated docs are worse than none at all. Almanac turns documentation from a dead end into a conversation,” said Adam Nathan, CEO & cofounder of Almanac.

A solution purpose-built for technology companies

The global cloud computing market is expected to more than double to $832B in revenue by 2025, driving a need for greater self-service education and documentation among Software-as-a-Service tools.

For many technology companies, creating helpful and accurate documentation requires a full-time team and painstaking work to keep updated. Many businesses struggle to realize the value from their knowledgeable users and broader community.

Almanac's new features enable companies to engage their community and invite them to share their knowledge and passion on public docs. On Almanac, readers of a company's public docs can suggest tracked changes and comments on private versions called "branches." Owners can then review and merge approved edits from a branch into the main doc, enabling crowdsourced updates with quality control.

With white-label branding and custom domains, Almanac's complete solution can be used to drive deeper engagement with technical documentation like API docs, or give community members a voice in help center resources, open source projects, and community initiatives.

Availability and Pricing

Until November 4th, Almanac is offering discounted pricing and free service to transfer public documentation to Almanac.

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About Almanac

Almanac is a technology company that builds collaborative infrastructure for the digital economy. Remote, hybrid, and distributed teams of every size use the company's operating system to create, organize, and collaborate asynchronously across time zones and geographies. Almanac enables collaborators to ask for approval, collect feedback and revisions, and get transparent analytics without needless meetings or messages. Founded in 2019, Almanac is fully distributed, with employees based all over the world.

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